love Alarm Season 2: Get Every Updates Regarding Extreamly Hot Cast, Plot And Release Date

Love Alarm is one of the most successful series on Netflix. It is a teenage romantic drama show based on the webtoon created by the author Chon Kye-Young. Initially, this drama was decided to make for Korea country, but after the approach of Netflix, It goes viral in the whole globe.

Now getting to the point, here we are come up with every detail regarding the release of this series. So read this article further to get to know about everything in season 2.

Love Alarm Season 2 Release Date

The series got so much of fan base that the production of Love Alarm has announced the renewal of season two on October 29, 2019. Sources said that the producer of this season is very desperate to release this season by the end of 2020.


Unfortunately, there is nothing out as a release date of love alarm season 2. Though they have started the preparation for season 2 very earlier, according to the current pandemic situation, we would think that they are not thinking of releasing the second season in the nearest time.

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Love Alarm Season 2 cast

Cast is the main key for success, and this series proved it so well. We saw a love triangle in this series so but there would be three main characters in the season. The trio is:

Kim Jo-Jo, a beautiful girl with a very terrible family history. She suffered many because of her cousin and her aunt. A very famous Kim So-Hyun plays the character.

Now turn for the boys, Song Kang played the role of Hwang Sun-Oh, a boy with golden fortune and also a handsome model. He is the one to approach Kim Jo-Jo.


Jung Ga Ram played the role of Lee Hye-Young; he is the childhood friend of Hwang Sun-Oh. A person with a silent personality who has secret feelings for Kim Jo-Jo. So this is the cast of Love alarm. Till now there nothing changed has announced.

Quick recap for season 1

Well, in the first season, we saw that an application that shows you your matching partner in the area of 10 meters. And the craze of this application goes so much higher that every teenage boy and girl were using it.

Out lead characters are also using this application and stuck into a love triangle, and it is the main concept of this series.

So, this is it for Love Alarm season 2. Stay tuned for more updates.

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