Maura Higgins Reveals Her Relationship With Chris Taylor! Know How She Shared This

The reality stars Maura and Chris were denying any romance rumours until now as they have finally accepted being in a relationship. Both of them made a cozy Instagram post last night.

Fans are startled after hearing Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor confirm their relationship officially.

Maura and Chris in Maura’s Instagram post captioned “He’s mine”. Image Source: Daily Mail

Although for some fans the news came as a surprise but others believe the duo have been hinting about their romance for months.

Now we’re going to take a look back at their journey from friends to more than friends and point out clues that they have been throwing under our noses.

1. Chris was seen leaving Maura’s flat in the same clothes

Maura and Chris left people gossipping in June when they left the restaurant together and went back to her flat.

ITV star Maura confirmed her break up with Curtis Pritchard in March following her stint on this year’s Dancing On Ice.

Soon after their split, Maura spent lockdown living in Chigwell, Essex which is also home for Chris .

As isolation came to a close, the Irish beauty was spotted helping Chris and his housemates find a new home before celebrating the successful house search with a bite to eat at Sheesh.

The two then ended up inviting more rumours regarding their ongoing-romance when Chris was spotted leaving Maura’s home in the same clothes he had worn two days earlier.

An onlooker said: “Chris looked bleary-eyed but he definitely had a spring in his step. He skipped to his car.”

2. Chris imitated Maura’s sexy Instagram posts

Chris continued to set mouths-running as he mentioned on Instagram that he needed ‘to find a Minnie’

In June, Chris again set tongues-wagging as he said on Instagram that he needed “to find a Minnie” days after Maura mentioned she was looking for a “Mickey”

Chris imitated Maura ‘s Instagram post. Image: Capital FM


The quiff-tastic hunk imitated Maura’s pout and hand pose for the sultry click wearing a black dressing gown and Mickey Mouse ears.

Sharing the pic with his followers, Chris put a caption to the snap as: “just need to find a Minnie”.

Straightaway, Maura replied: “Interesting    “.

Their co-stars quickly left comments on the photo, with Joe Garratt commenting: “I wonder who      ,” and Francesca Allen writing: “Hunnnnn ”.

But it didn’t end there as Chris spoofed Maura’s saucy lingerie posts for Ann Summers on various instances.

3. Maura was spotted with an overnight bag

In August, Maura was snapped with an overnight bag arriving back to Chris’ house

Inspite of denying any romance, Maura was interestingly clicked while returning to Chris’ home with an overnight bag following a night out together in August.

The pair went inside at 11.15pm after he dropped her home so she could collect her stuff.

At the time, Maura and Chris had spent the evening ice skating and tenpin bowling at Queensway rink in Notting Hill, West London.

They then had supper together before heading to his place.

4. Maura kept appearing in Chris’ TikTok challenges

Chris regularly asked Maura to act with him in his rib-tickling social media posts

Apart from spoofing her sexy underwear pictures, Chris regularly asked Maura to feature in his rib-tickling social media posts.

The pair first teamed up to cheekily recreate a classic Titanic scene, which included Maura painting his manhood.

Then in August, Maura featured in another viral TikTok challenge, which shows men and women pretending that they are about to be indulged in sex together.

The most viral post came last week when they made the ‘Kiss your best friend’ challenge and nearly kissed.

Maura and Chris nearly kissed infront of the camera. Image: Daily Sun Express

5. Their friends already knew

Last night, the couple sent Instagram into overdrive as they uploaded a photo of their recent trip to Dubai of them leaning in for a kiss.

Putting the caption under the snap Irish stunner Maura told fans: “He’s mine”.

While Chris, 29, posted the same photo and wrote: “Turns out I fell in love with my best mate.”

As Love Island fans turned head-over-heels, the pair’s Love Island fellow stars did little to conceal the truth. They disclosed they had been keeping their relationship covered too.

Michael Griffiths said it was hard to keep the ‘secret’, “Awww you guys it’s hard keeping secrets ❤️” he commented. Chris’ housemate Danny accompanied him too.
Georgia Steel was happy they made it Instagram official. She commented : “Yayayayaya it’s official ❤️”.

“I want royalties off this pic ‍♂️,” Danny Williams, who also lives with Chris, jokingly wrote as he enjoyed holiday with the duo.

Joe Garratt, who often hangs out with the pair, wrote: “I wanna cry❤️FINALLY!!!”


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