Lovecraft Country on HBO: Premiere Review

‘Lovecraft Country’ is an American drama horror television series. It is developed by Misha Green and is an adaption from a novel of the same name by Matt Ruff. It premiered on HBO on August 16, 2020. Read on to know its review!

Lovecraft Country: Plot

The story revolves around a young black man who travels across in the 1950s United States in search of his missing father. Along the journey, they embark on a struggle to survive and overcome the racist terrors in America.

Episode 1 Sundown: Review

Since the premiere of its first episode, ‘Lovecraft Country’ looks a promising series and upholds the excitement for its coming episodes. The viewers get a glance at their heroes Atticus Freeman, Letitia, and Uncle Geroge. We also get a fair idea of what struggles these people have to endeavor in their future journeys. For instance, murderous white cops, a secret society, and terrifying vampiric slug monsters.


The show depicts a Jim Crow-era America, which may be cringe or offensive for a certain audience. However, whatever the episode shows is clearly necessary to set the plot and main aim of the series ‘Lovecraft Country’. The episode is a promising standard horror drama, has strong characters and their appearances, with strong scriptwriting. Even if the episode duration is long, it will surely keep you engaging and your gut feeling rises high whenever something bad is about to happen with the leads.

The episode ‘Sundown’ has an appreciable overall score including music choices, character representation, and cinematography. The block party scene for instance is a perfect example of these elements. It is an unambiguous portrait of Black joy, a ray of communal celebration and happiness. However, it is well known that this contrasts with the darkness that’s soon to follow in the show. Also, one of the most stand-out moments was the cross-country montage of Atticus, George, and Leti traveling through the heart of the Midwest.

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Thus, ‘Lovecraft Country’ has apt action scenes, necessary plot twists, the stunning cast which makes it a promising fantasy-drama-horror series. Let us hope for more episodes to release and see the journey unfold. The new episodes of ‘Lovecraft Country’ will air on HBO every Sunday.


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