Hell Girl or Jigoku shôjo is one of the best Animes in the Fantasy Adventure genre. However, with an end, the show leaves behind a certain taste in your mouth that everyone wants to get back to. Meanwhile, whether you love reprisals or not, we can agree that sequels don’t give you the same feeling. The closest thing to that same feeling is a totally different show being original and becoming as dynamic as the legends. Also, Hell Girl is unique and is a show that takes a cliché subject and treats it in such a way that you actually give it a thought.

In Hiroshi Watanabe’s tale, it is slow for Hell Girl to be able to get the work going. However, as the episode moves on, you do get to see the sweet revenge in development.

Hell Girl Media

Mamika Noto, the revenge girl in Hell Girl, is somewhat of a legend in the classic Anime Universe

Following are the shows that you’re bound to love if you loved Hell Girl:-

I. Elfen Lied

Erufen rîto is the incredible story of a set of university pupils who come across an innocent girl named Lucy. However, they are unaware that she’s actually a genetically disturbed serial murderer with a split personality. Lynn Okamoto is wonderfully successful in creating an incredible ensemble cast with a gripping story. One must see it to believe it.

II. Serial Experiments Lain

This Anime from 1998 is widely seen as an all-time classic from Yoshitoshi ABe. The Adventurous crime-thriller is a dark roller-coaster and might be close to the tone of Hell Girl. This 13-Episode long show follows strange events that begin to occur. However, the beauty is a withdrawn girl named Lain who gets obsessed with the interconnected virtual realm of “The Wired”.

III. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent or Môsô Dairinin is a Horror-Drama anime series from Satoshi Kon. The story follows a seemingly unconnected citizens of Tokyo are on a time-bomb for bludgeoning by a boy with a golden baseball bat. As detectives try to link the victims, they discover that following the assaults, the victims’ lives have been becoming better in some way.

IV. Death Parade

Death Parade is a Japanese Horror series from 2015. While, the set consists of twelve episodes in a solitary season, fans are begging for more. However, Yuzuru Tachikawa is a veteran in the creation of mystery thrillers in the anime format. This quirky mini-series follows activities in a Quindecim Bar that hosts games between the recently deceased. The results of the game determine the fate of their souls.

V. Ghost Hound

Shinreigari/Gōsuto Haundo is Horror cum Adventure series from the vault of Masamune Shirow. The show captures the experiences of three boys who have had traumatic experiences in childhood. However, those incidents have given them their souls to a parallel world known as the “Unseen World”.

A dark and moody tale at heart, this anime mulls through the lives of its protagonists and a semi-real world of astral projection and spirits. The subject matter is part mystery, part science, and comes together in the lives of juniour high school students.

VI. Death Note

Talking about the thriller genre in the anime scene, Death Note/Desu nôto requires no introduction. Probably one of the best, and the most popular anime series of all time. However, after inspiring a Netflix Original movie and garnering so much praise, the creators still don’t budge on making any subsequent parts.

Death Note goes above and beyond the capabilities of a typical run-of-the-mill action based anime. Whereas a lot of anime strategically relies on action packed battles and fights, Death Note is a refreshing change of pace.


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