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Lucas Till Was Treated Badly On The Sets Of MacGyver: Was Suicidal!

CBS fired the former executive producer “Peter M. Lenkov“, of the American T.V. show MacGyver, a few weeks ago. “Lucas Till” the protagonist of the show recently spoken up about the inappropriate behavior of the former producer on the set. According to Lucas, Peter used to ill-treat everyone on the set.

He added that during the shoot of the first season it led him to suicidal thoughts. He said that the producer would always make mean comments and his behavior with the cast and crew was unacceptable.

Picture from the set of MacGyver
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Did the authorities know?

As per Lucas’s statement, he informed the bosses at CBS about the ill-treatment. To Lucas’s surprise, they dismissed him. He allegedly wrote an email to the HR during the first season hoping someone will come to his rescue but they too dismissed him.

He said Lenkov would often make nasty comments about his appearance. For instance, once while shooting in a hospital gown, Lenkov said Lucas’s feet looked hideous and that to never show them again.

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He also mentioned that he faced a lot of issues to maintain his physical appearance as he had no time to go to the gym or get proper nourishment and he was always stressed. This happened to be a result of improper scheduling of shoots and a toxic work environment.

The show just released its fourth season in 2020 and after all these years, CBS fired Peter a few weeks earlier after receiving many more complaints. CBS is a prominent American broadcasting network. Such news about the network and its authorities is appalling everyone.

Lucas Till on MacGyver
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Lucas had suicidal thoughts.

Lucas was the lead in his show. He said he had never worked so hard in his entire career and yet Lenkov treated him like nothing. We could only imagine what he would have been doing with the rest of them. Any sort of abuse, physical or mental, in the workspace is highly unprofessional and unacceptable.

What is more to it? Lenkov had made a general apology back at the time when he was fired from MacGyver. 3 days back when actor Lucas made such claims, his lawyer made a statement denying them and saying that they were 100% false.

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Peter Lankov
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It is a matter of courage.

Despite all its glam and sham, Hollywood is not the easiest industry to survive in. It is extremely courageous on Lucas’s part to openly speak up in front of the media. This kind of activity on his part can bring in some serious circumstances.

The industry could boycott him, nobody might ever provide him any work. This could end his career but the actor decided to unravel the truth anyway.

Lucas made the information of his mentally abused public, and others started to think of it too. It is only after something is discussed once that others relate and talk more. The fact that even after getting suicidal thoughts he fought back sends a very strong message out there.

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