Lucifer: Netflix Released Recap Video For Fans To Get Set For Season 5

The much-awaited Netflix‘s Lucifer Season 5 is only a few weeks away, and the next chapter will be putting our charming devils against one of the most significant challenges of his life, a devious twin brother. Lucifer Morningstar has proved in the past four seasons that he has no shortage of siblings, and trouble follows him as one of his cousins appears.

Lucifer Season 5
Image Source – Netflix

Michael is the latest of all the cousins to be sent to Earth for a mission. He has a plot in his mind to destroy the life of his brother that he has built-in Los Angeles. The real question is, will the allies of Lucifer spot the deception. It is possible that the Detective could spot her partner acting stranger than usual. Perhaps, Amenadiel will be able to recognize Michael for who he really is.

Lucifer Season 5 | Season 4 Recap Video

In the past, Lucifer made it quite clear that when people try to impersonate him, he despises, so we can expect him to return with a furious wrath to Earth. Well, it was seen in the teaser of Season 5.

If this much intrigue was not enough, then you should know that the writers behind Lucifer are trying some experimental outings in the upcoming season, which includes a noir and a musical episode homaging the classic crime serials.

Lucifer Season 5
Image Source – Netflix

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Apart from this, there is much more in the works, too, as the fantasy crime drama has been officially renewed by the online streaming platform, Netflix. It has been renewed for the sixth and the final season. Also, this season has promised to head in unexpected directions. It confirmed the news that there would be a season 6 of Lucifer in late June.

Season 5 has got a lot better and bigger, and you are advised to go and watch the show.


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