Lucifer season 5: Will Chloe and Michael’s equation make Lucifer burn?

The sweetest devil, Lucifer is about to make an entry, and things are promised to get exciting with every episode. As per the new trailer, Michael has just appeared, and the situation’s heating up already.

Yes!!! Lucifer’ twin brother Michael will be arriving in his place on Earth! In the recent trailer clip, we saw a kiss happening between Michael and Chloe..all thanks to the mistaken identity! Now the question is, will Lucifer be jealous when he returns to Earth?

Here’s what we know about it:

The relationship between Lucifer and Chloe has always been complicated. After four seasons of confusion and uncertainty, Chloe finally revealed her true feelings for the devil in the fourth season’s end. 

Image: Netflix

When the fans thought that things will sail smoothly for the two now, Lucifer had to leave Earth in order to regain his powers over Hell and save his family.

Season five was expected to start on a new note for the two. Fans were waiting to see the reunion happening between the duo and for their budding romance to be on track finally.

However, the season five trailer reveals that things aren’t going to be so easy for the couple. Michael, the twin brother of Lucifer, is coming to disrupt everything. During Lucifer’s absence on Earth, Michael will pose as Lucifer and fool everyone around for his benefit.

The shared trailer shows Chloe and Michael kissing passionately, which makes it evident that she’s oblivious of the trap that has been set for her.

The closeness and intimacy between the two is bound to increase with Chloe unaware of the actual picture. This will surely leave Lucifer fuming once he returns on Earth.

Cast statement on Lucifer’ reaction to Michael and Chloe’s romance:

Actress Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez) has confirmed the news and told Entertainment Tonight, “How much fun would a show like ours be if that, hypothetically, wasn’t explored?

Another co-actor DB Woodside (Amenadiel) was also asked about how Lucifer will probably react once he knows about Michael and Chloe’s kiss.

He stated, “I can categorically say that if Chloe and Michael kiss, I would imagine Lucifer would be quite upset.

Garcia also added, “If it did happen – and big if – let’s just say it would be scorched earth because the devil can do that.

This has left fans intrigued and impatient about the show’s release in August. In their interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actors also revealed a little about what Michael’s real intentions are behind taking Lucifer’ place on Earth.

Woodside commented: “Michael has an agenda. And, it’s gonna take us a little while before we realise what his agenda really is. But his agenda is extremely dangerous. And it’s gonna take the entire family to disrupt Michael’s agenda.

Here’s what the fans have to say on Michel and Chloe’s romance in Lucifer season 5:

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Find the answers to your questions with the brand new season premiering this August 21 on Netflix. We’re very excited to see the angry and possessive version of the devil and Chloe to know about Michael’s reality. Let’s see how the makers will unfold all the twists. The wait for Lucifer season 5 is almost over.

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