Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom: Chadwick Boseman Starrer Netflix Movie Goes To The Oscars!

Black Bottom: Actors will love Oscar champ Davis as the title’s blues singer. And never-nominated Boseman as her active, go-getter trumpeter.

When the August Wilson estate presented Denzel Washington the film rights. And to his 10-play Century Cycle, he commanded them to Netflix Original Films chief Scott Stuber. And he who signed on to support them all.

The head, Wilson rookie and Public Theatre director George C. Wolfe’s “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” And they will blow up at the Oscars. Even though it’s set in 1920s Chicago. And also, it’s relevant in the way that it shows how heated pain and anguish can collapse. Wolfe wisely walked away from winter and tended to push the film’s sweltering heat.

Black Bottom Movie Goes To The Oscars!

Artists will love Oscar winner Viola Davis (“Fences”) as the gold-toothed. And hip-swaying, bosomy, sweat-drenched blues musician of the title. And never-nominated Chadwick Boseman (“Black Panther”) as her active, go-getter trumpeter. Including he could regard Heath Ledger (“The Dark Knight”) and Peter Finch (“Network”) to win a continuing Oscar.

That narrative will be problematic for Academy actors to resist. And as Boseman drained his heart into what would be his last performance. Singer Rainey (Davis), trying to cling on to her stardom’s authority. And also, her ambitious freshest band member Levee (Boseman). And are the two driving, battling forces of the drama.

Based on the real blues star, who appeared from the Georgia tent circuit. And an unapologetic Rainey works her anger a dagger to get her way on the South Side of Chicago. Shielding her group branches from opportunistic white men. And she is making sure they get paid. “They don’t mind nothingness about me,” she says. “All they require is my voice. They continuing to treat me the way I want to be managed.”

Told Davis about Rainey at a more advanced Netflix press conference. And “She understands all those elements that completely want to dishonor her power. She’s up for the competition. I love that fight in her.”

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