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Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom(2020) Review And Ending Explained

Directed by means of George C. Wolfe, ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ is a drama that appears at the experiences of the African-American neighborhood in the 1920s. With an ensemble forged that consists of Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman, the occasions unfold over a single afternoon to paint a poignant picture. So, what is the climax all about? Hold tight, due to the fact there’s a lot to discuss.


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Plot Synopsis

Dubbed the “Mother of the Blues,” Ma Rainey has a recording session in a studio in Chicago one afternoon. Not solely does she exhibit up late, however, she is in consistent fighting with her manager, Irvin, and the producer, Sturdivant. After all, the legendary artist is aware of that they solely favor her voice. So, she makes certain that she calls the shots.

The band arrives earlier than she does and waits in some other room. Cutler, Slow Drag, and Toledo are extra sensible and clever than the ever so formidable trumpeter, Levee. Not solely does he have his eyes set on Ma’s girlfriend, Dussie Mae, however he additionally needs to shape his very own band and launch new music. Over the direction of the afternoon, the bandmates analyze greater about every other’s pasts, and as the story progresses, combat is rife.

ma rainey's black bottom
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Image: Netflix

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Ending

After an in the end profitable recording session, Ma compliments anybody however Levee due to the fact he performed extra emotionally; this threw her off her game. After an argument between the two, she fires him on the spot, and he acts pretty nonchalant about it. He goes lower back to the ready room and breaks the door solely to locate a small room besides a ceiling. This is symbolic of the hope and ambition that Levee feels even although he does no longer have many potentialities in reality.

After all, no matter being closed in with the aid of his personal choices, he looks oddly assured that he can make it massive if given a chance. Sturdyvant needs to provide Sylvester, Ma’s nephew, $25 from the cash he owes her. However, the steadfast singer ensures that her nephew is paid separately. Furthermore, Irvin begs her to signal the launch forms. After some preliminary reluctance, she offers in. However, Ma additionally warns Irvin that if greater hiccups take place in Sturdyvant’s studio in the future, she can usually file someplace else. Following this interaction, she leaves.

Back at the studio, Sturdyvant can pay the band individuals in cash. When Levee processes the producer about the unique song that the trumpeter had written for him, Sturdyvant clearly says that he does no longer like the songs sufficient to report them. However, the producer is inclined to compensate him for $5 a pop. Even even though Levee tries to persuade Sturdyvant to go in advance with the deal, the producer refuses, citing specific motives every time.

Understandably, Levee is bummed out with the aid of this rejection on account that he had all his hopes pinned on this. When Toledo by chance steps on the trumpeter’s high priced shoes, the latter loses all semblance of rationality, even although his bandmate apologizes to him. In a in shape of rage, Levee stabs Toledo, who then dies in his arms. The relaxation of the bandmates are in disbelief. But if you clearly suppose about it, these footwear are additionally symbolic of Levee’s ambition.

After all, he spends $11 (which used to be a lot of cash in the 1920s) on them. So when Toledo steps on them, it’s nearly as if he is stepping on the trumpeter’s dreams. In the end, we discover out that Sturdyvant had lied to Levee. An all-white orchestra files the very track that the trumpeter had written, and a white man sings the lyrics as well. Clearly, the producer likes the music however simply doesn’t desire to work with a black man.

ma rainey's black bottom
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Image: Netflix

What Could Have Happened to Levee?

After stabbing Toledo, Levee has efficiently ended his career. We suppose that, in all likelihood, the bandmates would no longer have helped the trumpeter cowl up the crime considering they revered Toledo too tons to do that. They would additionally have had troubles with Levee’s clever mouth and temper. It appears as although Sturdyvant is the one who would have grew to become the trumpeter in.

Firstly, Sturdyvant’s studio is the crime scene. Then, there’s the truth that the producer has correctly cheated Levee out of work. He buys the songs for $5 apiece however will go on to make a lot extra cash as soon as they release. If the trumpeter is in jail, then the whole ordeal will become even less difficult for Sturdyvant, because Levee won’t be in a position to contest this malpractice. Needless to say, in the absence of the Civil Rights Act, the bandmate would now not have gotten a honest trial in all chance either.

ma rainey's black bottom
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Image: Netflix

Who is The Real Protagonist: Ma Rainey or Levee?

At first glance, it appears as even though Ma Rainey is the apparent protagonist. After all, her title is in the very title of the film. Initially, she comes throughout as simply some other cussed artist whose repute has long past to her head. However, as the story unfolds, we analyze that this is now not the case. Yes, she does have erratic requests (if you can name them that), and it’s constantly her way or the highway. But this is generally due to the racial realities of the 1920s. She is a female who is aware of her really worth and additionally is familiar with that each Irvin and Sylvester pick to work with her solely due to the fact she is a hooked up artist.

When Ma says, “All they choose is my voice,” she hits the nail on the head perfectly. After all, which white man in the 20s would willingly kowtow to a black female barring the prospect/promise of a hefty paycheck? She knows that their complete relationship is monetary in nature. This is evident in a couple of scenes – Irvin fails to procure Coca Cola for the singer, and Sturdivant does no longer favor to pay Sylvester an greater $25. Their transactional relationship works due to the fact Ma is aware of what she is really worth to these men.


She is an unbiased lady who used to be sprung to repute via the black neighborhood in the first place, and so she is aware of that white guys are now not that essential for her survival. This is why she behaves the way she does with Irvin. Plus, we study extra about the nuances of racism and sexism that she faces as a profitable black lady in the 1920s. On the different hand, we have the tenacious and decided Levee, who additionally goals of turning into a well-known musician. He certainly believes that he can make it big, and his cocky mind-set arises from this notion.

Levee is a proficient man, however he is unable to navigate the politics ordinary in the tune scene as nicely as Ma does. His story is one that is equally captivating and tragic. Plus, he loves attention. At the establishing of the movie, Levee does strive to take the highlight away from Ma via stepping ahead on the stage. This scene is essential in view that it turns into clear that Levee simply does assume that he is all that. Furthermore, there is some thing to be stated for the reality that he efficiently stays in the highlight till Ma directs the interest returned on herself. In these respects, the two characters are pretty similar.

Furthermore, the interplay between Ma and Levee in the climax virtually indicates us that each the characters are pretty comparable. Both are talented, and they be aware of it. Furthermore, each are equally cussed and don’t definitely care about the opinions of different people. Ma doesn’t prefer Levee to play his instrument emotionally; she desires him to stick with what they’ve constantly done.

But the trumpeter couldn’t care much less about what the well-known singer wants. When she fires him, he appears to be unaffected with the aid of it. So, whose story does the plot relay extra impactfully? Is it Ma, who is aware of her really worth and isn’t afraid to leverage her stardom for what she considers acceptable treatment? Or is it Levee, who reveals a rollercoaster of feelings from begin to finish? After all, a white man’s rejection reasons Levee to take the lifestyles of a black man, even if it is a mistake.

Look, we get it. The afternoon is an emotional one for Levee. Not solely does he disclose the disturbing small print of his mother’s gang rape when he was once simply 8, however, the afternoon additionally culminates in him stabbing his bandmate. He has to relive previous trauma solely to be rejected via the white man as soon as again. Levee’s plight is woeful, to say the least. His bandmates make enjoyable of him for pandering to the producer, however, the trumpeter is assured that he will get the deal.


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 Subsequently, when the whole lot falls apart, he is unable to comprise his feelings and takes Toledo’s life. In the end, it is evident that Levee’s exultant outlook and overconfidence is the cause for his downfall. Ma would by no means have reacted to a state of affairs in this manner. While the trumpeter talks a massive talk, Ma walks the walk. This is the key distinction between them. Ma has entertained an complete technology of African-Americans whilst dealing with racism and sexism constantly.

In this regard, the two characters are poles apart. Ma treats the two white guys in the studio as she pleases, however it is for suitable reason. She is aware of that in this way, they will in no way take her for granted. Levee lacks any such foresight. It looks as even though the trumpeter ought to have observed comparable success if he have been as levelheaded as the singer. In the end, each of them carry some thing special to the table, and Levee is as necessary to the story as Ma is.

Is Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ is no longer based totally on a real story. While the protagonist is based totally on the very actual African-American blues singer Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, the script itself used to be no longer stimulated through proper events. In fact, the film is an adaptation of the eponymous play via August Wilson. It is one of the ten performs he wrote as section of the Century Cycle and is the solely one that is set backyard of Pittsburgh, in Chicago. With every of these productions, Wilson aimed to spotlight the experiences of the black neighborhood over the century.

Viola Davis, who stars as the blues singer, stated this about the legendary playwright and the story – “I assume that he captures our humor as Black people. He captures our humor, our vulnerability, our tragedies, our trauma. And he humanizes us. And he lets in us to talk.” The story unfolds over one fateful afternoon in Chicago. The (very fictional) band has arrived on the scene and discusses the whole lot from the rate of footwear to Ma’s fame.

But soon, the dialog takes a darker turn, and we study extra about the many challenges and indignations that African-Americans had to face then. One personality displays that his mom was once raped through a crew of white guys when he was once simply 8, whereas any other man talks about how a black reverend was once assaulted by means of participants of the white community. But what certainly ties the complete dialogue collectively is Ma’s “couldn’t care less” attitude, specially when it comes to white folks. Each of these narratives showcases the ongoing plight of the African-American people, however from a supremely extraordinary lens.

The actual Ma used to be an remarkable figure. Influenced by way of vaudeville, minstrel, and cabaret, she had been performing on the stage considering the fact that her teenage years. However, Ma was once then delivered to the blues, and she went on to end up one of the earliest and most distinguished singers of the genre. After journeying with Rabbit Foot Minstrels, she fashioned her very own crew with her husband, William “Pa” Rainey. It was once referred to as Rainey and Rainey, Assassinators of the Blues.

In 1923, Ma signed a contract with Paramount Records and recorded one hundred songs over the subsequent 5 years. Her “moaning” fashion of singing and charismatic stage presence had been nicely regarded to all. She toured with the likes of Thomas Dorsey and Louis Armstrong and even recorded numbers with the Georgia Jazz Band. Some of her extra outstanding work consists of “Bad Luck Blues,” “Jelly Bean Blues,” “Prove It on Me,” and “Moonshine Blues.” In 1924, she commenced performing with Thomas Dorsey and his band, the Wildcats Jazz Band, till 1928.

In the film, Ma is viewed as this wise and empowered woman. She doesn’t care about the opinions of others and is, in fact, as an alternative unaccommodating in her personal behavior. As the story progresses, Ma is at odds with her manager, Irvin, and the producer, Sturdyvant. She knows that she is simply a money cow for the white guys and that they solely see their subsequent paychecks in her. However, it is pertinent to be aware that these observations assist her continue to be afloat in the tune enterprise as well. She knows her success and leverages it to do as she pleases. She is now not a diva truly due to the fact she desires to throw tantrums.

Ma is actively attempting to keep away from her career’s downfall. After all, it comes as no shock that black artists at the time had been totally exploited, notwithstanding being well-known and successful. Talking about her character, Davis said, “In ‘Ma Rainey,’ everybody’s combat for their value, and the factor that holds us again is being Black. I desired to exhibit that. No — ‘show that’ is now not a excellent time period for an actor. I desired that to be a phase of Ma Rainey. I desired humans to see what lay in the coronary heart of her being. Which is: I comprehend my worth.” After all, Ma was once continually unapologetically herself.

Even when it got here to her non-public life, Ma used to be pretty vocal about her bisexuality. Although she used to be married for some time, many of her songs encompass lyrics about her fluid sexual orientation. Reports additionally endorse that she was once worried in a romantic relationship with fellow artist, Bessie Smith. So, to name Ma a pioneer would now not be wrong. She actually was once beforehand of her time. Although her profession fizzled out when her fashion of song grew to be much less popular, her contributions to the genre have now not been forgotten. These sturdy and compelling qualities are additionally viewed in Davis’ persona on screen.

However, juxtaposed with her is the equally cussed however generally naïve Levee, who is the trumpeter. He needs to grow to be a distinguished musician in his very own right and even panders to the white track producer. In an technology rife with racial oppression, his failure is nearly imminent. The a variety of challenges that Levee faces are additionally explored in the movie, however we don’t prefer to smash it for you entirely. All we can say is that the movie is courageous, ambitious, and riveting, simply like its protagonists. The cherry on pinnacle of the cake is that this fictional story efficaciously makes use of information to relay the realities of the time.

“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is currently streaming on Netflix with a 7.3/10 on IMDb and 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. Led by two powerhouse performances, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom soars when it lets its stars shine, hitting the audience with a gut-punch of emotions.

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