It looks like Mads Mikkelsen has already replaced Johnny Depp on the set of Fantastic Beasts 3

Everyone is familiar with the Depp-Heard feud by now, the petitions, Aquaman, and Fantastic Beasts 3. Warner Bros. asked Depp to step down as “Grindleward” in the Fantastic Beasts and Find Them series. This decision came after Depp lost a libel lawsuit that claimed he was an abusive spouse to ex-wife Amber Heard. After shooting just one scene for Fantastic Beasts’ third installment, Depp said goodbye to the beasts. 


Fantastic Beasts (Source: WB)

Mads Mikkelsen 

Fans tried everything in their power to strengthen the petitions against Heard (Aquaman), but Mads Mikkelsen on the sets of FB3 has sent a shock wave through the crowd. Makers are moving ahead with the shoot, and Mikkelsen is all in his form to play the “evil” part. In a recent interview, Mikkelsen also expressed the joy of working on the FB sets even though it’s just been a week. He was all praise for Yates and his team. 

Mikkelsen and Depp

During a recent interview, Mikkelsen went on to say that he has not been in contact with Depp about the “Grindelward” role. However, he mentioned that they put the spat behind them and would do justice to the position.

Keeping the Depp-Heard rant aside, Mads Mikkelsen is undoubtedly a perfect choice for the role. Filling Depp’s shoes is indeed challenging, but Mads has his on-screen magic. Since landing the part of the titular cannibal in NBC’s Hannibal, which has its cult following and fandom, Mikkelsen has broken into other fandoms with his roles in Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Star Wars spinoff Rogue One. So it only seems fitting that he adds the Harry Potter universe to his Rolodex.

Mads and the evil role

Mads proved his evil brilliance before, and hence fans expect him to do the same with “Grindelward.” Grindelwald has already made quite a mark on the wizarding world, and, unlike He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in the original Harry Potter film series, we became immediately familiar with his face and voice. While both villains are charismatic in their own right, Grindelwald has made himself widely known and recognizable in a personable way.

It will be interesting to see how Mads Mikkelsen comes into the role of Grindelwald and if he can fully bridge the gap left by Johnny Depp.