Magic Knight Rayearth: First Volume of TV Series To Release Tomorrow

Magic Knight Rayearth is a Japanese manga series. The creator of the series is Clamp. The anime series aired first in Japan on October 17, 1994, and ended on November 27, 1995. It was directed by Toshihiro Hirano and co-produced by Yomiuri TV and Tokyo Movie Shinsha. The anime had 2 seasons, lasting 49 episodes altogether.

Magic Knight Rayearth Release Date: When Will It Air?

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On Monday, July 27, Anime Limited will release the first volume of the 1994 TV series Magic Knight Rayearth. It will include the 27-part first season and a 20-page art booklet, including artwork created for the series.

Magic Knight Rayearth: All About The Series

Magic Knight Rayearth focuses on three eighth-grade girls: the tomboyish, headstrong but short Hikaru Shidou; the quick-tempered and no-nonsense only child Umi Ryuuzaki; and the intelligent and ladylike Fuu Hououji. The series follows three eighth-grade girls who find themselves transported from modern-day Japan into a magical world, where they have to rescue a princess.

Magic Knight Rayearth: Synopsis

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“Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji are three regular high school girls. While on a field trip to Tokyo Tower, the three girls’ minds are on anything but different worlds filled with magic and wonder. That is, until Princess Emeraude, the Pillar of Cephiro, cries out for the Magic Knights to save her world – and that just happens to be those three!

“The girls must learn to control the magic they suddenly possess, drive back the monsters that plague the land, revive the Rune Gods that have been sealed away, and then fight against the High Priest Zagato, who has kidnapped Princess Emeraude. It’s the only way they can return home, for willpower influences Cephiro, and it is the Princess’s will that the three girls become the Magic Knights of legend, and save her world.”

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