Magnum Pi Season 3: Production going back on track soon; New updates!

I have good news for you all, the reprised version of Magnum Pi will be the first prime time show whose production will restart. The shooting will resume soon from mid-August.  However, other cities New York and California are getting locked down due to increasing COVID cases. As of now, Hawaii is the least Corona infected city in the US.
The producers and makers of the show are for alternate shoot locations such as Vancouver and Hawaii. Both locations have followed proper steps to keep the Corona cases in check. However, there have cases but are very low. The rare death scenario is seen in the British Province and Hawaii.
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Magnum Pi to start shooting in Hawaii

Magnum has always been shot in Hawaii. Moreover, keeping in mind the current situation it is a good option to shoot in Hawaii. If the production and shoot begin in Hawaii, then it will be the first prime time show to start its shoot in the US.
Apart from Magnum, other US-based shows such as Riverdale, The Flash and Charmed, CW’s Arrow and Supernatural, and ABC’s Million Little Lies and The Good Doctor are looking to start shooting and production of the show either in mid-late July or in early August.
As of now, CW has shifted its broadcast date of the new season till January. However, a substitute for these has been set on air.
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What Makes Magnum Pi makers think of shooting?

The conditions in Hawaii are in control, the administration took the desired steps to keep the COVID case count in check. As of now, Hawaii has only 18 deaths and only 926 positive Corona cases.
The various steps taken by the administration to keep the COVID count in check are 14 days of mandatory quarantine. However, if the person gets a negative in the COVID test within the 72 hours of his arrival then he can avoid the self-isolation.
However, the makers are still thinking about shooting, nothing has been officiated yet. But even if the shooting starts in August it is not clear when the CBS show, Magnum Pi will get released.

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