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Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave: Know its Ending and Review

Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave’ is a second film in the franchise which premiered on Aug 4, 2020. It is a comedy adventure film released on Netflix. Is it worth the watch? Read on to know its review and the ending.

Malibu Rescue: The Ending Explained

Malibu Rescue features ‘The Flounders‘ Tyler, Dylan, Eric, Lizzie, and Gina working as rescuers. They also volunteer as organizers for an upcoming event where at last they end up competing with Team Australia.

‘Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave’ shows Sasha’s utmost efforts in proving to be helpful for her team. However, her team neglects her ideas as they often turn out to be disastrous. But, Sasha ultimately locks up Team Australia in a shipping container. As soon as her team, The Flounders realize this, they run to save their competitors and manage it successfully. Both the team reach the championship arena in time and give their best shots. In spite of neck-to-neck battle, Tyler gets injured and they lose Team Australia eventually.

Thus, The Flounders lose their winning streak for Team USA against Team Australia. Nevertheless, everyone is pleased by their persistent efforts and their commendable teamwork. As it is said, they lost the game but won our hearts. Their rescue video also goes viral and is able to gather funds to begin a summer camp for kids who wish to become rescuers. Thus this ending hints at the next film for the Malibu Rescue franchise.

A scene from MALIBU RESCUE
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Is it worth a watch? : Review

‘Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave’ is a wholehearted family-friendly comedy movie. Standing apart from adult comedy, this brings in fresh vibes and a good plot story that younger children will definitely enjoy. Apart from being hilarious, it also plays an important part in teaching them valuable life lessons and moral values. The important qualities like teamwork, friendship, and selflessness are enriched in its story portrayal.

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Also, for adults, it may prove to be a bit predictable storyline and cringe comedy content. The lack of character development can also be a drawback for adults. But, it is definitely a one time watch if you want to enjoy and spent time with your little ones. Overall, its innocence and good action play will impart good vibes and surely lighten up your mood.

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