‘Man With a Plan’ is cancelled?? Read to know why

Man with a Plan was originally premiered on Oct. 14, 2016. Since then, it has received a considerable fanbase and entertained the viewers. But sadly, the channel announced that the popular show wouldn’t be renewed after its current season. That means the show won’t be renewed for season 5. Let’s have a look at what happened.

Why is Man With A Plan canceled??

The announcement of the canceling of the show further was done on May 6, 2020. They told the viewers that the show wouldn’t be renewed anymore that left the viewers unhappy and shocked.

The history repeated itself as the shows such as Carol’s Second Act,¬†Broke, and Tommy¬†suffered through the same outcome.

Even though the show had large viewership from across the world, it failed to renew for the next season. Season 1 had 7.42 million people on average as viewers. Furthermore, Season 2 attracted about 5.38 million people.

Season 3 earned 6.17 million viewers, while Season 4 had received 7.01 spectators. The above numbers clearly show the popularity of the series.

What the show is about??

The show Man With A Plan is a hilarious sitcom starring Matt Leblanc and Liza Snyder. Despite the popularity, the show suffered from a lack of budget, which eventually lead it to get canceled.

The famous show revolves around a stay at home dad who experiences a lot of adventures within his journey.

According to the makers, the show was too expensive to produce.

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Is it due to the merger between CBS and Viacom?

According to some reports, there has been a merger between CBS and Viacom. It led to some budgetary restrictions. Besides, as a process, CBS was supposed to cancel many of its series and shows.

Also, Viacom CEO Bob Bakish said to a publication, “We have an extraordinary opportunity to create value for a whole range of constituencies […] We have a large library and ongoing production that we can deliver for our owned platforms and third-party buyers. We are setting up the organization of the company to enable us to leverage every asset we have”.

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