Manga Shortage in North America Due to The Pandemic

The pandemic has hit hard the economic system all over the world. The only restrictions and safety valves were to avoid gathering and maintaining Covid Protocol.  So, it will be normal to say that many developed countries suffer in resources. North America also suffers a major shortage of manga amid the pandemic.

Many Book Stores and Online Retailers Can’t Meet the Demands –

From 2016 to 2019, the sale rose steadily. But the market sees a sudden spike amind the pandemic. It becomes difficult for the market to meet the demands of the retailers.

The book stores remained closed. If these are opened, only a few members are allowed to gather maintaining a certain time span. The book stores and online retailers face it widely.

 The Causes be Like,

The downward use of industrial printers is one of the major issues. Thus the US lacks the shortage of articles in the supply chain. For this reason, many retailers have to depend on the different international locations. The transport from the locations also gets slows down due to lockdowns and other restrictions.

The transport charges, backlogs at ports far widen the arena of delay. It results in getting out of the schedule for the new orders.

, Manga Shortage in North America Due to The Pandemic
Manga Shortage in North America Due to The Pandemic

The Affected Areas of the Manga Franchise

The affected areas of the manga franchise are from Demon Slayer,  Chainsaw Man, and Attack on Titan. Representatives of the primary publishers like, VIZ Media, Yen Press, and Kodansha have come forward to look into the matter and control it. They assure readers to do their best to solve the problem.

The situation can be controlled at once. It would need time to meet the demands of the market. The problem will probably persist till early 2022. Till then readers need to keep patients.


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