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Manifest Season 3: 8 Teaser Revealed! Puts End To False Theories

The showrunner of the Manifest series, Jeff Rake, tweeted a video consisting of eight teasers, for their upcoming season, Manifest Season 3. They did so because the fans are waiting for the answers to the questions they have in their minds. Jeff, in contrast to the celebration of 828 days as of August 28, a video with a total eight teasers and along with this, he debunked two fan-made theories. This included the eight things that are to be noticed in the second season.

Manifest Season 3
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Eight Teasers Revealed by Jeff Rake for Manifest Season 3

  • Saanvi and Ben take a deep dive in search of answers on the tailfin of Montego Air where it is discovered after the crash.
  • A long lost character from the series will be making a shocking reappearance.
  • Jared will be facing some movement in his love life, and in the coming season, he will have a complicated love story.
  • An introduction to a new character in the series will be done, and it will be playing an important and vital role in the upcoming series.
  • The coming season will be following the story three months after the story where the last season left.

Manifest Season 3
Image Source – The Buzz Paper

  • We will be meeting with a new character, who will be associated with the family side of Grace. Also, Jeff teased us by saying, ‘let the fireworks began.’
  • Mike and Zeke, the recently married couple will be moving to their new house and will be having a company of a third party.
  • Not all the passengers in the plan have the right motive towards the calling.

What did Jeff Rake said about the fan theories?

  • The plot of the story belongs to the real world and is not a simulation as theorized by the fans. Also, he revealed that the flight crash was a glitch in the execution program.
  • The major in the series is not the future Machaela. Jeff debunked what the fans were supposing as both Machaela and the major appeared alike, and they wore the same necklace.

Manifest Season 3, the NBA TV series will be releasing next year. However, the exact date of release has not been confirmed yet. The first two seasons of the series are made available to stream for the viewers on Hulu. The release date has not been confirmed yet because of the uncertainty in the date to set the production.

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