Martin Luther King’s best friend, C.T. Vivian dies at 95

America has lost a great author and a civil rights activist as Cordy Tindell Vivian (C.T Vivian) is no more. The famous author and also an American minister left the world on Friday, July 17, 2020, at the age of 95. His daughters Kira Vivian and Denise Morse confirmed the death.

Serving as field general for Martin Luther King Jr. for many years, he was very close to him. Moreover, former President Barack Obama in Brown Chapel once addressed C.T Vivian as ‘the greatest preacher to ever live’.

C.T Vivian dies at the age of 95

Born in Missouri and brought up in Illinois, he was part in the civil right protest of 1947. After which he took the protest to several other cities across the nation including Selma and Birmingham, Alabama, St. Augustine, Florida, and Jackson, Mississippi.

In 1965 he stood up against the sheriff of Selema he said:

“What you’re really trying to do is intimidate these people and by making them stand in the rain keep them from registering to vote,”

“And this, this is a kind of violation of the Constitution, a violation of a court order, a violation of decent citizenship.”

C.T Vivian

He was a baptist minister and a trusted ally of Mr King. He used nonviolence as a key weapon to fight against injustice. Vivian led the silent revolution with his followers to absorb the blows of separationist and deceitful law enforcement officials across the South.

Vivian was also the national director of more than 85 local affiliate chapters of the S.C.L.C. For many years he was worked as the protest activities. His presence helped the people to view from a very different perspective.

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