Agents Of SHIELD Season 7: The Conclusion

Agents of SHIELD has ended it’s 7 season run on ABC. It was an emotional yet action filled finale. Fans are giving it a very mixed reaction (well they are entitled to their opinion). A show which started as a fill in for the MCU movies came into it’s own during it’s seven year run. With the end of the Adventures of Coulson and friends let’s look at what happens next. Let’s discuss the ending of the finale season.

Agents of SHIELD season 7 conclusion:

What started as a filler of MCU took quite a shape during the ending. We explored that Coulson was not actually dead after The Avengers! Then from there time travel and multidimensional and many such things influenced the story. During this last season, The Agents of SHIELD were fighting Chronicoms and trying to save the timeline.

The way Agents of SHIELD embraced the Multiverse model that was pretty amazing given that the MCU yet to have to show that phase yet. In a way, the show was ahead than the MCU. In the last season, they divulged so much from the MCU though that it’s safe to say it was completely set in a different timeline. This can be seen when there was no effect of the “Blip” in the show’s timeline. The introduction of the quantum realm in the show had that effect.


This was a pretty good move considering time-travel is a very complicated subject. Endgame did it’s very best to justify that, so Agents of SHIELD could have disrupted (like the revival of Coulson would have made a mess) but it did not. Talking about the future of SHIELD, the story of the characters of Agents of SHIELD might have ended but the SHIELD is intact. We saw in Spiderman: Far From Home that shield was still there. And i think it is bigger than ever becoming an interdimensional organization.


It was a bittersweet end of a show like any other show. Seeing the characters move on was fun. Overall it was an entertaining addition to the MCU which acted as a flagship show for Marvel MCU TV.


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