What better opportunity than Phase 4 for Marvel to introduce the first aquatic superhero with Stingray in Armor Wars.

For all unversed, Stingray has an important role in the 1980s comic book event. The superhero does fit well for MCU’s version.

Illustration of Stingray in Marvel Comics!

Stingray’s (Walter Newell), introduction was done in the 1967s Tales to Astonish # 95.  He was a scientist sent by the government to work on an underwater project. While at is he meets Namor and hereby plays a supporting role. In 1969, Newell transforms from an oceanographer to a superhero, creating winged armor designed for superhuman speed swimming and underwater combat.


Stingray could battle against Namor.
Source: MCU

Stingray also appears outside Namor’s world when Stark mistakenly believes that Stingray’s armor is based on his design. After hunting him down and defeating him in battle, Iron Man reaches the conclusion that he was wrong in accusing Newell.

Stingray also helps the Avengers not only as a superhero but also provides them with his underwater headquarters to reside in.

What Stingray Means for the Future of Marvel Phase 4?


Stingray to come in Marvel Phase 4?
Source: MCU

Stingray serves his purpose well even by participating in one- or two-episodes of Armor Wars. Stingray belongs in the Marvel Comics Avengers in Phase 4. After the end of the Iron Man and Captain America era, the new heroes should be taken advantage of.

At some point in the future Marvel can create a second Avengers team at Disney +, And make him one of its members. MCU can also envision Stingray for a guest performance in future Marvel agendas. Maybe Nick Fury could use some help fighting a myriad of aliens and enemies. Stingray could be the superhero aiding Nick.


Stingray could help Nick in fighting aliens in Marvel Phase 4.
Source: MCU

In Marvel’s Secret Invasion, the “og” Avengers may not be available, hence Stingray along with some new small-screen characters could be put at use.

MCU can definitely not rule out the pool of possible crossovers in not only the movies but also the Disney+ shows. There’s no reason Stingray shouldn’t be a recurring MCU hero in multiple shows.

He can also be given an opportunity in the films, especially since Marvel has already adopted Namor, a submariner. Stingray and his underwater skills can make an epic battle with Namor and his terrestrial world. This might just prove to be the perfect way for him to make an entrance into Marvel’s Universe.