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Ms Marvel: MCU Kamala Khan’s First Look Out In Latest Set Photos!

Ms Marvel set photos to reveal first look at MCU Kamala Khan!

Ms-Marvel (Source: Gamesradar)

Initial Ms Marvel set photos released by sources to reveal the first look at Iman Vellani as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Kamala Khan in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Phase 4 Disney+ series. Fans are more than excited to see what new Marvel Studios come up with in Phase 4. The banner has promised to come up with a new bunch of superheroes for us to drool over. Some of them will have their movies while some may accompany the others. Until now Disney+ has promised solo movies for She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel and Kamala Khan 

Marvel comics included Kamala Khan in 2013, and since then the character has been a hit. The plot revolves around a Pakistani American teenage hero, who is also an Inhuman. A Marvel’s Avengers video game also featured this teenager. This sparked fans’ interests in her live-action debut, with Iman Vellani as Ms Marvel. The production announced the whole directing team first and then informed regarding her casting. They also confirmed that the shooting would begin this fall. 

Check out the pictures from the set:

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More from the sets

The makers kept it low and started the work in Atlanta, Georgia recently, but nothing can be a secret from the dedicated Marvel fans. Just Jared shared a bunch of images that reveal the first look at Vellani as Kamala Khan. The picture shows her riding a bike with some baggy outfit and a red helmet.


However, the look everyone is waiting is for is the one where Vellani dons up the Ms Marvel costume. Well, it a start!! The second image in the bunch shows Vellani or probably her stunt double on the roof of Khan House. The person is seen wearing a cloak to conceal the costume. The attire is open at the bottom; hence one can see the blue shoes and red-blue pants. The original dress of Ms Marvel has a combination of red and blue; hence fans speculate it to be the famous uniform.

Captain Marvel (Source: Empire)

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Another important detail in these pictures is the hint of Kamala being a fan of another Marvel superhero, none other than Captain Marvel. The helmet Kamala is seen wearing doesn’t only has K.K. (an abbreviation of Kamala Khan) written on it, but also the red base with a yellow star on the side with a touch of blue is a match for Carol Danvers’ look. The Air Force replica jacket she is donning is also a part of Carol’s ensemble. Kamala being a fan of Captain Marvel is a vital part of her comic story, so it is great to see a tease of it this early on. Kamala’s superhero fandom goes beyond Captain Marvel, though, as Vellani is also wearing a shirt with the Avengers logo. There’s even hope that Brie Larson will make a cameo at some point in the series!!!

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