‘Masters of Illusion’: Filming Locations

Masters of Illusion is a magic show which has already run five seasons on CW, and the sixth production also got completed in January 2019 as we know that magic is a form of art, and people like this art from centuries and is very fond of it.

Magic generates curiosity in the human mind, and that’s why this show has managed to impress a lot of people and created a good fan base.

Multiple featured Magicians perform their tricks in the show in front of a live audience. Dean Cain, who is best known for playing the role of Superman on ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, ‘ hosts the show on CW.

Where are the episodes of Masters of Illusion filmed?

let’s talk about their filming locations:


Most of the filming of the show took the place in California. The show includes appearances and vanishes, colorful and spectacular set, levitating women, tricks of hand, comedy magic, and especially illusions that leaves the audience wonderstruck.

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However, there are two locations within California where the show taping took place.

As per the reports of IMDb, the filming of the show took place at Red Studios on 846, N. Cahuenga Boulevard, in Los Angeles. They have five state-of-the-art soundstages ranging from 5,600 sq. Ft to 25, 500 sq. Ft.

Here is the proof that shows the exact location of the filming

Besides that, many fans have also posted the images of the studio from the taping. Below we can see various posts that show the shooting location and how wonderful and colorful it is.


As already mentioned, there is also another production facility in California. The second production facility is Delfino Studios on 12501 Gladstone Ave #5323 in Sylmar, California. It has three soundstages ranging from 9,000 square feet to 17, 200 square feet.

Moreover, we can confirm the shooting at Delfino Studios from an Instagram users post. Let’s have a look:


Also, we have one more confirmation through a Facebook post.


Apart from California, there are many other places where these live events occurred. It includes places like Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada as well.


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