Maura Higgins And Chris Taylor Confess About Dating; Compare Themselves With Monica-Chandler From FRIENDS!

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor recently surprised fans when they confirmed they had fallen in love after their friendship blossomed into romance. Chris Taylor jokingly compared himself and his girlfriend, Maura Higgins, to Friends couple Chandler and Monica, who also fell in love after years of friendship.

The Love Island star, 30 years old, took to his Instagram stories to share a clip of themselves nicely posing for a snap, alongside an image of the television couple pulling a similar pose. The short clip showed Maura and Chris pulling silly expressions as they posed together amid the ongoing birthday celebrations of Maura in Dubai. 

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor
Image Source – People

While the photo of Monica and Chandler comes from the episode titled ‘The One With The Engagement Picture,’ Chandler kept on pulling a really strange face as he awkwardly grimaced for the picture. 

Chris wrote alongside his post, ‘Ta for that @MollyMaeHague,’ suggesting that their Love Island co-star may have been the one to make that comparison in the first place. 

Maura Higgins & Chris Taylor Confess About Dating; Compare Themselves With Monica-Chandler From FRIENDS!

The love story of Chandler Bing and Monica Gellar shares similar traits to Chris and Maura because they were friends for several years before gradually falling in love with each other. 

The TV characters eventually tie the knot and welcome surrogate twins, but only time will tell what their future holds for the reality stars. On Tuesday, they confirmed they were an item after months of speculation as they uploaded matching Instagram photos. 

The couple gazed really lovingly at each other in the picture, smiling contently, with Maura Higgins captioning her post: ‘He is mine!’ Chris followed suit, writing to it: ‘Turns out I fell in love with my best mate!’

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor
Image Source – People

This was met with very sweet replies from fellow Love Island contestants such as Ellie and Micheal Griffiths, who seemed to be in on the secret. Laura Anderson also chimed in, said: ‘Why am I crying? #bestnewsever’

Gemma Collins of TOWIE also commented on the snap. She wrote, “I am so happy for you.” The very loved-up pair looked at the photos of happiness, Maura, in a champagne satin mini-dress and Chris was in his trademark jazzy shirt and ripped skinny jeans.

Feel free to share your views on this lovely couple in the comments section of this article.

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