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Mayans MC is a Mexican-American crime-drama series which follows the complex characters riddled in crime. The series is a spin-off series of the great Sons of Anarchy. Also, similar to SOA and most of the shows, Mayans starts off at a relatively slow pace where we get start getting into the characters. After that, the series picks up and escalates to a much more intense and captivating plot-points. The series does not rely too much upon to its brethren Sons of Anarchy. However, all the buzz in the media is about what is to come for the show. Here in this article we will be discussing the details regarding the Mayans MC Season 3.

Mayans MC Season 3
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The third instalment of the series is reportedly on the horizon, and the fans of the series can not wait to watch the progress in the plot of the series.

Mayans MC Season 3 Release Status and Schedule

Well, there is a piece of good news for all the fans of the series out there as well as a business standpoint. The Platform and Partners are all happy to keep the Mayans MC ride along for another set of ten episodes with total confidence. However, it was quite obvious that the series will be renewed for another season keeping in mind the popularity of the series and the overwhelming response that it received.

The show was renewed just before the finale of the third season hit the screens. Since then, there is no official communication from the creators of the show. Also, as we all are aware of the pandemic and the situation caused by the deadly virus, it comes to as no surprise that the production of the series will be delayed further. Considering all of these points, the premiere date would be somewhere around early 2021 window at the earliest.

Mayans MC Season 3
Image Source – TV Guide

Mayans M.C has the potential to be on the same level as the Sons of Anarchy if the writers of the series keep developing the characters and plot as they have. This series has action, adventure, in your face gangster scenes and all that not for the visuals, but even for the story. For the fans jumping from SOA watching back story of the actors is also fascinating to see how far they have come to be starring in this series.

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