Mayans MC Season 3: Release Date Postponed! When Will It Arrive Now?

Mayans MC Season 3 released date is postponed. The series second season ended on a cliff-hanger. There was plenty of shooting and fractured familial bonds. This potentially set up the biggest gang war Mayans M.C. or Sons of Anarchy has ever seen. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

Mayans MC Season 3: Release Date

The series season one premiered on FX in early 2018. The second season followed it in the later same year. Season 3 was scheduled to release in Fall 2020. The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the entire release schedule. No new release date is announced yet.

The trailer of season 3 is also not available yet. But, you can watch season 2 trailer below and get all the fun refreshed!


This series is one of FX’s highest-rated shows. It’s a must-watch crime-action series. We can expect the upcoming season to land in Fall 2021 as it’s always been a ‘fall’ show.

The show’s co-creator, Kurt Sutter will no longer be part of the project. He was fired from the show following complaints about “abrasive” and “unprofessional” on-set behavior. He also created Sons of Anarchy. Elgin James co-created the show along with Sutter. So, he takes full charge now and will take over as the sole showrunner.

Mayans MC Season 3
Source: FX

Season 2 Finale Recap!

The Mayans gunned down a SAMCRO member in the final scene. Bishop (Michael Irby) and his crew went to a Vatos Malditos party for a surprise massacre. The tables turned when they weren’t planning on killing one person there, a SAMRCO member. The tricky camera angle purposely obscured the victim’s identity.

Mayans MC Season 3
Source: FX

We expect that it was Happy or Chibs but we cannot say for certain. Cardenas says whoever the SAMCRO member was, he was probably doing a shady deal behind the Mayan’s backs. So, who was it? What will happen now? There are many questions, nut one things for sure, things are now going to turn pretty violent.

Season 3 will answer all our questions. We will bring more insights very soon. Until then stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!






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