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MCU Theory: How Could Iron Man Return Back

Our hearts melt, and tears rolled down our cheeks when our hero Iron Man took one for the team. Avengers: Endgame saw the death of Tony Stark/Iron Man. We admit that all of us wanted him to be back. What if we say there’s still a way he can come back.

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Here’s how,

Avengers: Endgame noted the end of the arc of some of the original Avengers, including Iron Man, who made the great sacrifice to save Earth from Thanos’ attack – but Tony Stark can still return to the MCU. Marvel has a trend to bring back dead characters. While it seems unlikely they will pull that move with Iron Man, it’s not entirely out of the realm of hope – there are some ways he can return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Mini Recap

The MCU’s Infinity Saga opened in 2008 with Iron Man, led by Robert Downey Jr as the titular hero, and recently came to an end with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Before it, the MCU reached its zenith with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which brought together all the famous superheroes to fight against Thanos, change the snap, and get rid of the Mad Titan once and for all. Of course, all that came with a price, and Iron Man, in an actual heroic move that brought an end to his arc and his role as the Infinity Saga leader, died after wielding the stones for the final snap.

Iron Man’s death, although one that fans had been expecting, was a big shake-up for the MCU, especially for Peter Parker, as Tony Stark had been helping as his guide. Spider-Man: Far From Home even addressed his death, and how it has changed Peter and the world in general, so Iron Man’s behavior could still be felt even though he’s gone. There are 

.for both his comeback to the MCU shortly and for his permanent departure, but if Marvel ultimately decides to bring him back, here’s how it could be – without undoing his death.

Why Iron Man Will Probably Return To The MCU

Iron Man is the most prominent character the MCU had: he was the first star introduced as part of this universe, a lively member of the Avengers, and the most popular personality (thanks to Robert Downey Jr). Tony was the one who worked for Peter and brought him to fight against Team Captain America in Captain America: Civil War and ended up serving as a guide to young Peter.

Maybe Marvel’s plans for Tony continue beyond his death, but differently – one in which he could still guide Peter. Iron Man can always have a place in the MCU, and his death hasn’t made him any less popular or less loved by fans.

Undoing his death would be Marvel’s most dangerous move and one that wouldn’t engage even the most hardcore Iron Man fans. He shall remain dead, but returning him doesn’t certainly mean canceling his death – being the talent he was, he could have been a step ahead of the game and left everything prepared for a different type of comeback, one that wouldn’t allow him to go into battle but would still give him a place in the MCU.

Iron Man Can Return As An A.I.

Iron Man’s can return as an A.I. Tony Stark himself relied on artificial intelligence during his time in the MCU, first with J.A.R.V.I.S. and later with F.R.I.D.A.Y.. Tony even left one for Peter – E.D.I.T.H., introduced in Spider-Man: Far From Home. As seen in Avengers: Endgame (and confirmed in Far From Home), Tony knew it was reasonably possible that he could die reversing the snap and planned, even devising a recorded holographic message for his daughter. As such, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that he left a “back-up” of himself in the shape of an A.I., thus making his return to the MCU possible.

Tony as an A.I. isn’t a new concept within the Marvel universe: in the comics (specifically the Ironheart storyline), he created an A.I. of himself as a back-up in case his body no longer worked. When Tony was left in an unconscious state after the second superhero Civil War, the A.I. was shipped to Riri Williams to mentor her. 

Tony Stark


Another popular choice among the one of a kind methods Tony can make his way again into the important MCU timeline in the subsequent Avengers movie is Alternate realities.

Fans have already discussed this technique explored in Avengers: Endgame, in particular with Gamora. In 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora was at the source of Thanos’ most difficult choice in the film, where he had to select between retaining his adopted daughter alive and obtaining the coveted Soul Stone. For the sake of completing his maniacal quest, Thanos chose the latter, which meant Gamora would lose her life. A year later, in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, the target market sees Nebula’s time tour lower back to 2014 with a trio of Avengers (which creates an alternate branch reality) to retrieve the Power Stone before it begins its experience that followers see in Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, what the Avengers weren’t organized for was Nebula’s seize and alternative through that reality’s Nebula. She returns to the mainline MCU actuality in the authentic Nebula’s place. The alternate Nebula then brings Thanos and his military – which consists of that alternate reality’s Gamora – to the truth that she’s in, getting a 2nd Gamora to the truth the place she had already as soon as existed… A bit complicated, to say the least.

The technology wished to time travel nonetheless exists at the end of Avengers: Endgame. The target market sees Smart Hulk efficiently send Steve Rogers again in time to return all six Infinity Stones to the places they had been at the start retrieved all through the film. So, this is definitely an alternative that Marvel Studios should flip to, need to there ever be an instance the place the Avengers are once once more in need of a large brain.


Let’s say that Tony stays in his grave for the foreseeable future, with no way for the Avengers to deliver him back, regardless of how badly they can also want him. In Marvel comics, fellow heroes are not the only ones who have delivered the Avengers group returned from the dead.

As a result of the cosmos-shaking warfare in the Marvel comics known as the Chaos War series, the maniacal villain the Chaos King “obliterated the Underworld, releasing the useless to walk the earth” (see Chaos War: Alpha Flight). Consequently, quite a few deceased Marvel heroes have been revived, which includes fallen Avengers like Vision and the unique Captain Marvel. They quickly observed that they had been summoned returned from the dead through the Grim Reaper who, in a mad ego trip, wanted all Avengers – each residing and before lifeless – in one vicinity so he should eradicate them all at once as part of his servitude to the Chaos King.

Unfortunately for the recently-revived heroes, the Grim Reaper does make growth closer to his purpose of killing all of the Avengers in Chaos War: Dead Avengers #3, when he efficiently killed the likes of Captain Marvel, Doctor Druid, and Vision. However, Vision brought down the Grim Reaper with him in his 2d death, which drastically impacted the effect of King Chaos’ quest.

This situation is just an instance of resurrection in the comics, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is nowhere close to being in this kind of arena. Although some heroes did once more perish in their fight to quit the Chaos King, others lived via the madness, such as the entire Canadian super-team Alpha Flight, which went on later on to superstar in a new short-lived series. So a state of affairs such as this ought to current a variety of chances for Tony’s 2nd risk at life, one in which he’d only have a few hours, days, or weeks to live. And with a precise egomaniac villain nevertheless alive (and nowhere to be found) by using the title of Red Skull, who has spent the past 80+ years as the keeper of the Soul Stone, this storyline may want to vary a good deal be adapted into a revenge story for Red Skull, bringing Captain America and his fellow Avengers lower back to lifestyles to get the revenge that he thinks he is owed.


Despite the six scenarios above regarding how Tony could return in Avengers 5, let’s say that none of them came to fruition. There is an equal threat that, as of right now, Marvel Studios has now not been leaving clues for the audience that Tony will be added back and that they don’t understand if or when it’s going to ever happen. This does now not imply that Tony can’t return to the silver display screen it ought to open the door for a unique idea that comes straight from the pages of Heroes Reborn. This comedian line focuses on the aftermath of Marvel’s Onslaught event.

The Onslaught collection ended in an epic, all-hands-on-deck team-up consisting of the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four, going against the titular villain. But after Onslaught turned into a being of pure energy, almost each and every hero had seemingly met their fate. However, the use of his immense, reality-warping mutant powers, Franklin Richards (the younger mutant son of the Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman) created a pocket universe inner a ball the place he recreated the heroes as he remembered them as if they had in no way perished at all.

The Fantastic Four will soon sooner or later join the MCU, hopefully early on in Phase 5. Suppose an event like Onslaught had been to existing itself as soon as Marvel’s First Family has joined the fun. In that case, Marvel Studios could retcon that Tony and Reed once knew every other, due to their exquisite mind and them both being distinguished inventors, and use this as a way for Franklin Richards to be aware of who Stark is and be able to recreate him from what he remembers. And if they don’t, Franklin will still extra than likely develop up in a world understanding Iron Man as Earth’s greatest hero, as the target market noticed in Spider-Man: Far From Home that there had been memorials and murals and statues all over the world honoring Tony for giving his life to save the universe. Franklin ought to use this expertise to create a new version of the legendary hero he grew up admiring.


Ultimately, Marvel Studios can take plenty of pathways if they prefer Tony Stark to assemble as soon as more in Avengers 5, whether it be thru reviving his human shape or introducing a completely new version of him. Additionally, Marvel Studios has demonstrated countless instances that they’re simply as capable of coming up with their ideas for how to make their decades-long narrative glide except a hiccup, so they may want to also certainly make use of a notion that hasn’t been cited here. So, if bringing Tony returned is surely what the MCU fanbase wants, and if Marvel Studios can justify bringing him lower back into the picture, then it is just a count number of what works fantastic for the higher Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Meanwhile here’s something for the fans straight from the man himself..

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