Mean Girls: Senior Year- Extended Preview Gives Out Plot Details

In an extension video of preview for Arianna Irwin and Alba Cardona’s Mean Girls: Senior Year, a new challenger has arrived at North Shore High School.

In the Mean Girls sequel, which comes out this fall, we can see Cady aiming to stay drama-free for her senior year. But, her wish does not last long, and she loses focus as soon as the new transfer student Megan Moretti appears.

According to the official synopsis of Mean Girls,

After struggling to survive the wild events at North Shore High School the previous year, Cady learned her lesson and is swearing off drama. It’s all about SAT prep, good grades, and college applications from now on for her.



But, from what we can see, the new transfer student Megan Moretti isn’t about to let Cady stay focused. Megan seems to be determined to rise to the top of the popularity food chain and become the newest Plastic. Cady, Gretchen, Regina, and Karen will have to band together and stop this queen bee wannabe from turning the school inside out once again.

What do Irwin and Cardona say about working together?

Irwin says, “Working on Mean Girls has been an amazing learning and growing experience for me as a writer. I still pinch myself thinking about how lucky I am to work on such a big title that so many people adore. This is my second time working with Alba, and she continues to surpass any expectations I have. This is also my second project with Insight and their editorial team, and they are always so supportive and motivating — special shout out to Holly Fisher, our incredible editor extraordinaire! I can’t wait for people to see this project because we have all worked so hard on it. I’m hoping they love it as much as we do.”

Cardona adds, “I watched the Mean Girls movie so many times in my childhood. It’s a classic, and I love it! Having the chance to continue the story is fascinating, and Arianna’s all-new Mean Girls script smoothy achieved getting me hooked.”

As per reports, Arianna Irwin and Alba Cardona’s Mean Girls: Senior Year goes on sale Sept. 29. Also, its previews are appearing in select comic book stores between July 15 and Sept. 9. The book is now available for pre-order, so, all you fans can rush and place your orders.

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