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Melissa McCarthy Shares Thor: Love And Thunder Audition Tape

Marvel the leading giant industry has given us a great platform to enjoy thousands of action and drama series and movies. From Black Panther to Iron Man, everywhere we can see the footsteps of Marvel that cannot be faded in any way.

Recently, Marvel has talked about its most anticipated movie of the year, Thor: Love And Thunder. Still many of the details are not being up in the social media, but as the things are happening, we can conclude that we are going to get a great surprise in the coming some few months.

So if you are running behind the latest flash of updates regarding Marvel’s upcoming movie, Thor: Love And Thunder, then in this article, we would share all the latest updates regarding the upcoming movie, Thor: Love And Thunder. All the details will be dealt with in the article.

Melissa McCarthy Shares Her Audition Video On Her Social Media

Well, Melissa McCarthy is someone who’s name is always heard during the talks of the legendary actress. This time once more, Melissa McCarthy is giving her try to work in the upcoming Marvel’s movie, Thor: Love And Thunder. According to her, she is highly energised and excited to work with Marvel.

According to the video recording of Melissa McCarthy, she has expressed her excitement to work with Marvel in its upcoming movie, Thor: Love And Thunder. She is seen with her husband, Falcone, who is also delighted to work under Marvel. Both the actors are well prepared to get into the cast auditions for Thor: Love And Thunder.

The cringe is this that, none of the actors has ever appeared in the MCU films and mainly of Marvels. Both the fans and critics are impressed by Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone. Now the coming movie will only decide as to whether both the actors have done the supreme work or not.

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