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Metal Lords Movie: When’s Netflix Release Scheduled?

Metal Lords is an upcoming teen music-drama film that will be released on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix. It is written and produced by the same duo who wrote and produced the Game of Thrones series, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. This article consists of all the information that is known so far about the Metal Lords, including the casting details, expectations from the series, and who is involved.

Peter Sollett(Winner of Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation award)
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The duo of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss has signed an expansive deal with the streaming service to produce new titles to be released on the platform. A number of projects have already been announced, and among all those titles, Metal Lords is going to be the first one to be materialized.

The production company behind the feature is Bighead Littlehead. Greg Shapiro, better known for The Hurt Locker, is also attached to the project as a producer. Peter Sollett, the winner of the Cinefondation award of the Cannes Film Festival, is all set to direct the movie. Sollett has already directed Freehold, which starred Ellen Page, the lead star of The Umbrella Academy. Peter is also set to direct the live-action adaptation of Minecraft, a popular video game.

Plot of Metal Lords

The story of the upcoming movie revolves around two boys from high-school and a girl who are trying to start a Heavy Metal band and are all set to compete in the Battle of the Bands. They try to find a bass player, but fail in doing so, and they end up finding a girl who is very good at Cello. If the three of them are unable to settle their personal differences and doesn’t work together, then they are not going to win the Battle of the Bands.

James Hetfield 
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Characters in the movie

We are thankful to Daniel Richtman, the TV and film industry insider, to provide us with the character descriptions in the film.

  • Hunter – he is uncomfortable around other people and struggles from a family dysfunction, but there is one way he hides his emotions, and it is his passion for Heavy Metal Music.
  • Kevin – He is a shy kid with a big heart, but he does not know how to express his feelings and emotions.
  • Emily – She plays the Cello, and she is the only true musician of the trio.
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