Midnight Gospel: Duncan Trussell longs for Season 2.

Duncan Trussell, the co-partner creator of The Midnight Gospel showed interest in making the 2nd season of the show. He zealously requested the streaming partner and broadcaster of the show for giving a go-ahead for the second season. However, Netflix hasn’t officiated anything regarding the same. Netflix always goes for anything which will be an asset, so I don’t think they will not think about Midnight Gospel Season 2. Moreover, the show is quite popular among the viewers as it did provide excitement to them at the time of its release on 20th April.

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Duncan’s Moment from Midnight Gospel Season 1

Each of us would have gone through various emotions while watching the show. Apart from emotions, we all have had our moments of the show while streaming it. Similarly, Trussell while talking to The Deadline mentioned his share of moments and emotions. While addressing the moments, he mentioned the sentimental finale in which the conversation with his mother came in light. Meanwhile, he even mentioned his as well as the animator of the Midnight Gospel’s wish of renewing the show. He said he would love to travel again in Clancy’s world. But they are currently anxious about the streamer’s approach on the same.


Duncan’s Views for Midnight Gospel Season 2

Duncan said, ” Naturally, a major part of me is in deep, intense anxiety while thinking about the decision. Suspense regarding the same makes me go crazy, longing for the decision whatsoever it may be. However, I still can’t believe that they allowed us for this crazy show. For me it is like a dream, Me and Pendleton didn’t see it coming though but now its in history and also on Netflix.

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The Renewal Update and release date of season 2.

Netflix hasn’t officiated anything on the same. However, season 1 of the Midnight Gospel was a success. Fans have gone gaga over it and are eager for season 2.

Season 1 of the show was put into the public forum in April 2020, which was a great strategy keeping the apocalypse in mind. I won’t be surprised if we get the 2nd season on the same date next year. Although the entertainment industry has been put under immense tension keeping the Corona in view. However, it won’t affect Pendleton as he has shot many podcasts before and animations don’t need actors.

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Trussell plead for Midnight Gospel Season 2

While addressing the publication, he said, ” Please anyone with any supernatural powers or any sort of relations with Netflix help me. I so want to make Midnight Gospel season 2. There is so much more to Clancy’s world. It was nothing even close. Whatever you experience and watch in the show is intentional, there is past to this world a long story is linked to it.

Season 1 of the Midnight Gospel is currently present on Netflix go watch it if you haven’t. Moreover, we will be back with updates regarding its renewal.

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