Mike Tyson Supports Dwyane Wade’s Daughter After Transphobic Comments; Wade Appreciates

Dwyane Wade recently received so much support and praise when he opened about his 13 years old daughter’s identity during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on February 11, 2020. Mike Tyson also supported Dwyane in his podcast.

He made a revelation that his daughter, whose name is Zaya goes by she/her pronouns and he no longer called her birth name, Zion. Despite the unconditional love and support of Dwyane towards the decision of her daughter, there were haters including Boosie Badazz rapper, who even made transphobic comments.

Mike Tyson
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Dwyane Wade is thankful after the 54 years old legendary boxer, Mike Tyson confronted Boosie about his statements, he is thankful that Mike called out the rapper.

The 38 years old NBA superstar revealed on the November 20 episode of Central Ave, that he actually talked to Mike Tyson about that early in the coronavirus pandemic. Dwyane revealed when it came to Mike confronting Boosie that they had a conversation.

Mike Tyson Supports Dwyane Wade’s Daughter After Transphobic Comments; Wade Appreciates

He said that he appreciated it from a standpoint of, you may know, Mike Tyson is someone who has never even tried to be perfect. He is definitely someone who has learned from his journey of life. Mike is one of the people who are so smart and educated and also very knowledgeable about life.

For him to be able to drop that nugget on the world, to him, it was great to hear Mike say that. The 38 years old Baton Rouge rapper went on a transphobic Instagram rant on February 18, after the announcement of Dwayne about his transgender daughter.

Boosie began and said that Dwyane has gone too f*****g far, he added that Zaya was way too young to even know what their next meal will be. That is a 12 years old male and they do not have even sh*t figured out yet.

Boosie Badazz
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He even told Dwayne that if he is going to be gay, let him be gay, do not dress him as a woman, dawg, he is 12 years old, and he is not up there yet, he has not even made his final decisions yet.

Well, in the video uploaded below, you can watch Mike Tyson take Boosie back to school and to be specific, start from the 3:55 mark.

Well at least, Mike Tyson was with Dwyane Wade and also tried to reason with him that it is not his place to openly call out the decisions of someone else’s life like that.

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