Modern Warfare: 200 GB File Size could make it the biggest game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now requires over 200 GB of storage space on PC after its latest update. This is making it one of the largest games ever released.

Also, the best part of this update is that it has added a lot of new features to the game. These features include the Cheshire Park multiplayer map and also a 200-player mode for the battle royale Warzone.

A still from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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How has the size of Modern Warfare changed with the update?

Although now the game has new and advanced features, the file size has become quite unbearable for the players. The problem was when the new update came, the players who already had Modern Warfare had to download a relatively substantial patch of up to 22 GB. But, the real struggle was for the ones who did not have the game previously. They had to download 100 GB worth of data. At the time, the total package for Modern Warfare was around 150 GB. This is not a small space for a game. But, still, with the high popularity and demand for this game, it has become one of the biggest and yet famous games of all time.

A Reddit user, vanillaricethrowaway, puts a screenshot about the latest Modern Warfare update. This shows that the game’s size has now whopped to 209 GB on PC.

A still from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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How are the gamers reacting to this change?

This thread with the screenshot, is full of comments from the regular players, saying that the format has simply gotten out of hand. Also, some users say they had to move the game to an external disc to save the space. But, the worst part is, some users say, they simply deleted the game when it got too large to accommodate.

It’s not very hard to believe that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes up so much space. This is because it packs so much content into each update. But, this is still a problem no matter how many updates come. It is because the players are forced to free their entire disc for a single game.

As of now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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