Money Heist Season 5: Fans Take On Tokyo’s Character In The Series

Director Alex Pina hasn’t revealed any information about Money Heist’s Season Five. The fourth season of the show has left fans thinking about how’s the story going to unfold next. While Raquel has made her way back to the Bank of Spain…Sierra has discovered Professor’s secret location and has him at her gunpoint.

Now the fans are talking about the show and as per a new Reddit post, fans feel that the makers could’ve killed Tokyo’s character.

Ursula Corbero as Tokyo

A fan mentioned that Tokyo should have died in the last season. The user wrote,
Professor said, it’s gonna be a mental game after two days inside the bank. which she seriously lacks. Tokyo can’t handle her s**t and on top of that loses temper every time. Firstly, she playing Russian roulette with Berlin for no reason at all, lost patience, even when the majority voted to wait for Professor’s call, Then making an entry in mint, and not being patient to wait for the Professor’s call.

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It cost Moscow’s life, Roaming drunk here and there in the midst of the heist, while everyone else was risking their lives leaving behind their freedom and millionaire life, [Tokyo showed] no responsibility. She wanted to be in charge for the second heist

Many fans have expressed their displeasure over Nairobi’s death and how Tokyo has played a big role in sabotaging the heist time and time again.

Nairobi and Tokyo in Money Heist

This clears how fans have taken the recent twist in the show. Let’s see how the makers will now portray Tokyo’s journey ahead in the show. One thing that’s been clear about the show is that it’s unpredictable. Be ready to expect the unexpected in the next season!

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