Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5: Are Doctor and Scythia Getting Together?

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5 is just around the corner. This anime series has become very famous among fiction lovers. This article has everything want to know about the anime’s upcoming episode.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5: Release Date

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5 is all set to land on August 9, 2020. As we know, every new episode lands on Sunday.

Crunchyroll airs the anime in original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5
Source: Crunchyroll


Monster Girl Doctor is set in a world where humans and monsters once were on a hefty fight. The war between the two worlds lasted so long that by the end, they did not even remember what they were fighting for! Eventually, both the worlds decided to live and harmony and forever after.

The story revolves around a character named Dr. Glenn Leitbeit. He is a human with some expertise in monster anatomy. He is a monster specialist and treats the sick with the help of his assistant, Saphentite “Sapphee” Neikes.

Monster Girl Episode 5
Source: Crunchyroll

One day, Tisalia Scythia, a mighty fighter and the heir of Scythia Transportation, comes to his office for her medical test. She gets impressed by the doctor and starts hitting on him. She even said that she would love to marry someone as caring and subtle as him. The doctor’s assistance gets jealous by her behavior but manages to hide her emotions.

Scythia tells the doctor that there is something seriously wrong with her as she loses balance. The doctor tells her that the only reason behind her loses is her hatred toward steel shoes. He then forces her to wear steel shoes.

Turns out the doctor was right all along. Scythia starts winning battles after wearing shoes. Once he’s done for the day, he can’t help but wonder if getting Scythia to his clinic was only a way of testing his patience with tough patients.

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