Mortel: Season 2 | Know Release Date, Cast Here

Mortel is a French supernatural Television Series which is created by Frederic Garcia. Simon Astier and Edouard Salier are the directors of the film. The TV series was released on 21 November 2019 on Netflix.

The series is about three teenagers, in which two have superpowers, Sofiane and Victor. They use their superpowers to solve a murder case of Reda (Sofiane’s brother). Sofiane has the power to control people’s actions, while Victor can read their minds.

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Mortel was declared as the best French series since Netflix launched. The series was also referenced for its unique effect, soundtracks, and the skills of telling the story. There is only one season yet, and there are a total of 6 episodes. The series was given 6.8 stars out of 10 stars by IMDb.

Cast of First Season

  • Nemo Schiffman as Victor
  • Carl Malapa as Sofiane
  • Corentin as Obe
  • Manon Bresch as Luisa
  • Sami Outbali  as Luisa’s brother, Reda


The story follows the three teens who have extraordinary powers and are brought together by Voodoo magic. Sofiane is the guy who was always in trouble, and wants to find out that what happened to his brother.

Victor is the one who tried to kill himself because the school outcast is bullying him. Luisa was bothered by voodoo, her grandmother become the glue, who holds the trio together.

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Release Date of Second season of Mortel

The first season which was released in the last year, was not able to attract more audiences around the world. The series tried to manage the rating, but was not able to gain more popularity.

Netflix canceled the second season of Mortel. Netflix was requested to renew the series, and hence there is no official update.

Let’s hope for the excellent news for Fan, as they are urging Netflix to Renew of the second season of Mortel.

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