Mr. Iglesias Season 2: Is it worth a watch? Find out here

Netflix‘s newly released Mr. Iglesias Season 2 is fifty shades of funny. Our Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias is back and is still finding it hard to find true love. Throughout the series Principal Paula Madison (Sherry Shepherd) and Gabe’s friends Abigail Spencer (Maggie Geha) and Tony Ochoa (Jacob Vargas) talk about Gabe’s love life and him meeting a woman who he truly deserves.

Gabe’s luck seems to work wonders when he meets a lady at a karaoke bar. There’s a possibility that she will become his coworker at school. This can put Gabe in a dilemma as he will have to decide whether he will date a coworker or not!

Picture: Netflix

Marisol’s (Cree Cicchino) character portrayal in this season of Mr. Iglesias is strong-headed, and Mikey¬† (Fabrizio Zacharee Guido) finally manages to pursue Marisol. Their love story has begun, and there are a lot of cute moments between the two!

Gabe is more concerned about getting his students in good colleges, making them go to Carlos Hernandez’s (Oscar Nunez) drama classes, and encourage them to be a part of Green Week being the youth of tomorrow. He helps Paula avoid falling for playboys and keep Tony in line from getting his creep on with Abby. In his free time, Gabe goes to DeBlasio’s or Roxanne’s to fave a fun time.

Mr. Iglesias Season 2 concludes with a gathering at Roxanne’s for celebrating the end of yet another great year of school. Here Gabe meets a beautiful lady (Elora Casados) requesting for a karaoke at the bar. The woman woes Gabe with her singing skills, and he seems struck by her persona.

Witnessing how the woman is showing interest in Gabe, his friends encourage him to go and have a talk with her. Gabe talks to the mystery woman when we see Paula arrive excited about finally being able to find a guidance counselor, Jackie, for school.

To all of our surprise, Jackie is the same woman who Gabe just got the number from!

Picture: Netflix

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Towards the end of the second season of Mr. Iglesias, Gabe nervously whispers ‘coworkers,’ indicating his hesitancy towards dating a work associate.

Mr. Iglesias has been successful in holding the interest of its viewers. The second season is definitely promising. Do give it a watch if you wanna go on ride full of fun and laughter!

Mr. Iglesias season 2 released on June 17, 2020, and is available for streaming on Netflix.

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