My Hero Academia is on a turning point right now. They are putting all the UA Academy’s young students through the trouble during the Paranormal Liberation War. But this time, Class 1-A will not have to take the fight at the front foot alone. Apparently, professional heroes have begun to rally!

My Hero Academia: What exactly is happening?

We saw in the past few episodes that the collective villain army has been trouncing the heroes. Shigaraki has inherited a new power and this has made the villains stronger. The League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army seeks to create a brand new world! Re-Destro once led and trained the Meta Liberation Army.

If you have not yet read the manga’s latest installment, chapter 280, then I would recommend not reading any further. This article contains spoiler so proceed with caution.

Gigantomachia rampages across the countryside and is desperately trying to join his new master, Shigaraki’s side. Quirk of All For One, the professional heroes, including Mt. Lady, have been at a loss.


My Hero Academia
Source: Crunchyroll

Powerful heroes like Midnight are getting bogged down like anything. They also have suffered many casualties. Shigaraki’s new powers are decaying Quirks and eliminating a number of heroes in its wake.

Pro Heros Are Coming Back!

Momo and members are devising a plan to take down Gigantomachia. In the latest chapter, Alien Queen and Red Riot attempted to force canisters filled with tranquilizer into the giant juggernaut’s mouth. Fortunately, Kirishima was successful in his task. He made Gigantomachia eat one of the tranquilizers. This emerged a pro hero’s rally cry.


My Hero Academia
Source: Crunchyroll

Heroes are on their way to destroy the villains once and for all. They tell that students that they have done enough for the day and it was time for them to take over.

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On the other hand, Endeavor managed to pull off something impossible. With Eraserhead’s Quirk’s help, he brought down Shigaraki and handed him his defeat. The heroes were struggling during the Paranormal Liberation War. It seems that the tables have turned now.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!