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My Hero Academia: Is Aizawa Retiring?

My Hero Academia is on a very crucial stage right now and fans are feeling its intensity. The anime is preparing for the upcoming fifth season behind the scenes. On the other hand, the manga is making all the fuss and it’s louder than ever.

The new arc speaks for itself. The storyline has taken a toll on the Pro Heroes and they are now in a very dire condition. Also, after a recent update, it seems the time has come for Aizawa’s retirement.

My Hero Academia
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My Hero Academia: What Shigaraki did to Aizawa?

Caution! The below content contains the manga’s raid arc spoilers. So proceed with caution.

In the last chapter, we saw that Aizawa is in very bad shape. The underground hero is not someone who would give up. He seems to be strong on the outside but no amount of power could have kept him from Shigaraki. Shigaraki has taken over the All For One. He is not at his best, but even though he has managed to create mass chaos and instability.

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Hundreds of civilians died and the entire city is in ruins. Additionally, dozens of pro heroes died while protecting the citizens. Also many are wounded and some are likely to succumb to these wounds. Shigaraki forced Aizawa to amputee a leg in his last blow. He also gouged at the hero’s eyes.

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My Hero Academia
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Aizawa is in a very bad state. When his comrades went to help him, they only find Aizawa’s scarf. Aizawa is very strong and the fans believe that he will figure a way out of this.

Is Aizawa Retiring?

Unfortunately, the reality is that Aizawa might have to retire from the frontlines given his current condition. Also, this retirement is not going to be temporary, it’s a permanent one.

Aizawa will heal from the physical wounds one day or another, but his mental scars are something that we oversee. This villain and raid is something the pro heroes have not seen before. Also, All Might is not around to ease things out and it’s getting uglier.

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If they want to beat Shigaraki, then Aizawa is very important. His Izuku mentorship will change everything. Even if he loses both his eyes, his insights and experience are invaluable in the battle.

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My Hero Academia
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Aizawa’s new fund disabilities don’t prevent him from making him the one most important hero. His fighting style will certainly change if he ever gets back on the battlefield. But, the hero should retire as of now and should get fully healed.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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