My Hero Academia Chapter 333: Spoilers And Chapter 332 Review

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 332, released on November 7, 2021, depicts how US hero Star And Stripe struggles against our antagonist. Shigaraki or All for One or perhaps the new entity formed after All for One overtook Shigaraki’s body.

MHA Manga Chapter 332 Recap:

MHA Manga chapter starts by showing us an old memory of our hero Star and Stripe. We know that no matter how hard she tries, she can not make herself strong more than All Might.

State Of The Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch:

After the flashback ends, we see Ballistic Missiles just a few miles away from their target, or we can say the one who will use them as its most powerful attack-Star and Stripe. Currently, Star is concentrating all the laser beams at Shigaraki, keeping him from making any moves. However, that is to buy them some time as due to his regen Shigaraki is regenerating. Therefore to finish him off, Star applies a new order on those State Of The Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Missiles to redirect them.

Then after applying for the new order, she turns them to Shigaraki. However, as Star can not impose more than three rules at a time, she has to lift an order, and as a result, Shigaraki gets the moment he was waiting for. He used that moment to save his neck and used his Decay to dig into the ground. A few Moments after Star crashed the missiles on Shigaraki, and she is surprised to see Shigaraki coming to her at full speed. He yells He will make Better use of her quirk and grabs her by her face.

Shigaraki Grabs Star and Stripe
Shigaraki Grabs Star and Stripe
Image: Viz Manga

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MHA Manga Chapter 333 Spoiler:

Chapter 332 ended with a major cliffhanger. Fans are waiting to know what will happen next? WIll Star die? Or will she survive but without her quirk? Will Shigaraki become unparalled? Stay Tuned to read more.

As the chapter starts, Shigraki shares his plan to steal New Order after he gets his hands on One for ALL. As he didn’t want it to merge with One for All later. But, due to the circumstances, he has to do things in reverse order.

Things goes on and we see Star trying to impose a new order on herself Kathleen Bate will not be turned into dust but however, it failed as Shigaraki managed to steal her quirk. All For One noticed that Star could either have saved her quirk from getting stolen or her body, and she have chosen her body. However, soon after as he tries to impose a new order, Shigaraki is transported into the world of vestiges. There he faces Star once again.

There Star reveals, she imposed an order on her quirk New Order, to revolt against other quirks instead of saving her skin. She goes on to say it was the right decision to sacrifice herself in order to stop this global threat. As a result of the revolt going inside Shigaraki’s body, his body started to Twitch and Explode due to the order Star imposed.

The chapter then comes to an end with All for One trying to find a way to destroy Star. Also on the other hand Star starts to disintegrate, while thanking AllMight.

Release Date:

This upcoming MHA manga chapter 333 is going to release on Sunday, November 14, 2021. It will be made available online at Viz manga for free.

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