My Hero Academia Releases Mysterious Teaser for New Project

My Hero Academia: My Hero Academia recently released a mysterious teaser for its brand new next big project. MHA Fans are super hyped and excited. Also, they are waiting for news of the forthcoming My Hero Academia Season 5. To know more about the mysterious project in-depth, let us jump in to learn more about it.

My Hero Academia: New Project

My Hero Academia recently released a mysterious teaser for its brand new next big project. There is a surprise announcement that a new project for that franchise is already in work. But apart of that no confirmation for a new anime or movie project. Right now fans are confused by the announcement of a new project because it no precisely the most surprising for as successful of a franchise like this one. My Hero, Academia official Twitter, handle announced this announcement. Also, it played a significant role in the report on new projects.

Three Twitter accounts are representing My Hero Academia. They are Manga, Anime and Movie releases in Japan. The tweet says, “He will meet the ‘Three Musketeers.” The tweet is made up of letter that combines to form the sentence, which is strange about it. Also, they gave a link below it. On clicking on the links, it displays new visuals. The visual features Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, and Katsuki Bakugo.

Mysterious Tweet by MHA

Later own it still confusing portraying the three heroes from My Hero Academia. While the link doesn’t open up in the desktop, it is accessible only through mobile. Midoriya, Todoroki and Bakugo are dressed in new black suits, which indeed is tempting. But apart from that their is no more information about the project. We get a slight hint after reading the tweet “Three Musketeers”, which connects the dots to both One For All and All For One abilities. 

Recently, MHA fans gathered in theatres to see the spoiler for themselves. Manga readers vibed with the revelation easily as they was a secret way back in the manga itself. Also, Anime viewers have a meaningful and common question about the One For All visuals which Izuku saw in his head in the last episode of season 4.


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