My Hero Academia Stage Play Shelved: 2 Team Members Found COVID-19 Positive

In the country of Japan, many anime are translated into live stage plays. My Hero Academia is not an exception. Coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately, has put a monkey wrench into a number of live events and it’s still worsening. My Hero Academia will be live streaming their performance as a response!

The ingenious stage play will give fans a new experience and a brand new take on Midoriya and company.

At least one of the stage play’s actor has tested positive for the COVID-19. After this, they decide to live stream their performance.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia: So what will happen now?

High-level discussions were carried out with the organizers. They finally concluded to change the form of the show from the one with the audience to a live-streaming with no audience. All the paid tickets will be refunded as soon as possible. The official confirmation will be revealed on Twitter very soon. The team apologized for the inconvenience and asked for the fans discretion and understanding.

The Stage Play’s Official Twitter Account shared the news for the fans. For all the ticket holders, and non-ticket holders alike, the performances would be streamed via the internet for future shows.

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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is not the only anime franchise facing this problem. The pandemic has caused many others to employ the same path. Beastars, Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, Nauusica of the Valley of the Wind, Naruto, Haikyuu also live-streamed the performances. To look on the brighter side, fans all over the world, outside of Japan are now able to witness just how these live events take place and how different the anime characters are when translated into the real world.

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So, it does not matter whether you are in Japan or not, now you will be able to see these things happen and get their true essence. Stay tuned for more updates and keep reading as we give out latest information!



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