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My Hero Academia : What’s Next In Chapter 280?

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hīrō Akademia is a Japanese superhero manga/anime series. And it is filled with jaw-dropping action scenes. It is set in a world, where mankind has developed superpowers. The abilities have allowed the development of a new category of people: Heroes, who face the evil-voted individuals, who use the powers for selfish and criminal purposes, commonly known as Villains.

A superhero-loving boy without any powers is determined to enroll in a prestigious hero academy and learn what it means to be a hero. The arc is approaching an interesting part and with the latest chapters, fans’ expectations are increasing. So, without further ado let’s get going for Chapter 280’s release date and a recap of the previous chapter.

When is the next Chapter releasing?

On 10th August 2020, My Hero Academia’s Chapter 280 will be out

Recapturing Chapter 279 of Boku no Hero Academia

The last chapter of My Hero Academia is about an astounding fight between UA High and Gigantomachia with League of Villains. Mudman Juzo sets a trap in the ground. Lizardy Setsuna is on the lookout and pulls them back as Gigantomachia has reached them. They realize that the League members are on the giant’s back.

In a flashback, students create a trap to capture the villain. Momo realizes that they can’t use the tranquilizer with a syringe and oral administration is necessary. Ashido calms down a nervous Mineta.

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Gigantomachia is trying to battle the students but he gets stuck in the trap created using Mineta’s sticky quirk. The students immediately work on opening his mouth. Toga notices this. But before the villains can act, several students ambush them.

Gigantomachia’s mouth is almost open. However, the breath is very foul. It blows the students away. A fire is lit around the trap. All the students retreat except Momo, who won’t give up. She orders the students to make the giant dig deeper as they have explosives planted below.

Gigantomachia knows that he does not stand a chance he started to dig his way through the ground. Right then, Mt. Lady enters the scene. She holds the villain back and tries to open Gigantomachia’s mouth. Ashido Mina charges in and is about to throw the injection inside the villain’s mouth.

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As of now, we don’t have any official spoilers or raw cuts but will upload them as soon as they are out. Spoilers are getting a general delay these days, so be patient.

Chapter 280 will show if the students succeeded in sedating the giant because if they fail, the giant will wreak havoc in the city. Also, the next chapter is likely to disclose the traitor’s identity. Someone from the side of heroes who is helping out the villains.

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Where can I Read My Hero Academia Chapter 280

Read the latest chapters as well as the previous chapters here.


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