My Hero Academia: Why Mt. Lady Is Brilliant Character?

My Hero Academia is a world full of amazing superheroes fighting for justice and peace on the streets. Some are top-notch shining symbols while some are down to earth. Mt. Lady is one of the first Pro Heroes to appear in the series. She was seen alongside Kamui Woods.

My Hero Academia: Who Is Mt. Lady?

Mt. Lady is a young woman known as Yu Takeyama. Her power is the Gigantification Quirk. She can rapidly scale up to as big as 68ft. This massive frame enables her to perform devastating close-range combat moves. Mt. Lady is a little slow with her moves, but her size helps her to catch the villains easily. Currently, she ranks 23rd among all Pro Heroes and belongs to the hero team The Lurkers.

Mt. Lady My Hero Academia
Source: Crunchyroll

Mt. Lady has a flamboyant and expressive personality. Unlike Endeavour, she is chatty and friendly in nature. She loves to appear on TV and she knows how to put up a show. Additionally, she guides young heroes and takes them as her interns.

Keeping It Real

Mt. Lady’s most appealing aspect isn’t the unique limiter on her Quirk or her personal beliefs. She has a balanced nature and personality. She tries to avoid collateral damage as much as she can, but given her size, that’s sometimes not possible. Also, Mt. Lady is always dedicated to helping others.

Mt. Lady My Hero Academia
Source: Crunchyroll

She is an improviser and ready to drop the rules if the situation asks for it. As during the raid of the League’s and All For One’s hideout, Mt. Lady drops all the antics.

Mt. Lady proves that a hero doesn’t have to give up their sense of fun or personality to be great. Her immature streak just makes her more human. This shows that even the elite heroes are allowed to have human faults without being harshly condemned.

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Mt. Lady is undoubtedly one of the most loved heroes of all time. More details will be revealed very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!




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