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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: Ep10 Farewell to Shizuka Hiratsuka-sensei?

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU also popularly goes by the name of OreGairu. Currently, it tops on the list of Slice of Life anime. It has a very simple yet interesting storyline. And the characters, the realistic approach of the series makes it even better. Obviously, it is not for everyone, but if you’re into Slice of life genre, then And to anyone, you need to have this on your watchlist. The title deliberately misleads its audience. So, if you think it’s just a standard and generic high school anime, you are dead wrong.

The series follows Hachiman Hikigaya, a pessimistic, close-minded, and realistic teen, who is forced by his teacher to join the school’s service club and work with two girls with issues of their own. They offer help and advice to others while dealing with their inner conflicts.

Also, the episode title indicates that it is about the time when our heroes will bid farewell to their favorite and super helpful Shizuka Hiratsuka-sensei. So with that, let’s get straight to the release date of episode 10 and a quick recap of episode 9.


Release Date

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Season 3 Episode 10 will be released on Friday, 11 September 2020, at 1:43 AM JST. New episodes are released every Friday.

The upcoming episode is titled “Gallantly Shizuka Hiratsuka Moves forward”. In this episode, the Prom event organized by the school committee council and lead by Iroha and Yukinon will finally kickoff. But before that everyone has to rehearse their respective roles. With that let’s get a quick recap of episode 9.

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Recapturing Episode 9 of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Yui criticizes Hiki a lot. And now, after hearing all the complaints, he feels terrible about himself. Moreover, he is hit with a list of wishes. That list makes Hiki vulnerable. Time has made a change in Hikigaya.  Hiki promises Yui that he will change. Although Yui is sure he won’t. She also tells him to stop making last-minute plans and to quit being a hardcore procrastinator.

Hiki asks Yui to have a competition in which the winner can make the loser do anything. Hiki is determined to complete all wishes Yui has. Yui replied and tells Hiki about Yukinoshita. One thing that needs to be done for her. Yui wants to help Yukinoshita to see the prom and later wants to through the party for Komachi. Lastly, she tells Hachiman that she will grant his wish too.

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The next day at school Yui’s friend asks Hiki about his feelings towards Yui. Hiki tells her that he likes Yui as a person. She leaves Hiki with a piece of advice.

Stay tuned! We will keep updating you about the release dates, recaps, and more about My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

Streaming Platform for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

You can stream the first two seasons of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU on Amazon PrimeHiDiveCrunchyrollAnimeLab, and VRV. The third season of ‘My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU’ is available on AnimeLab.

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