My Wonderful Life: All updates About Episode 6 Here

A new episode of My Wonderful Life airs every weekday. Till now in season 1, 5 episodes have aired. All the fans are eagerly waiting for episode 6. So what will happen is the 6th episode? Let’s find out!

This article will give you the details about episode 6 and an insight into what will happen further.

Storyline of My Wonderful Life

The drama revolves around the life of Bok Lee. She leaves the hospital after admitting the old lady for her part-time job. However, tension arises when Si Kyung and Eun Ha believe that Bok Hee tried to kidnap Eun Ha’s mother. They later take her to the police to know the truth. Cha Ban keeps on hammering Bok Hee for divorce.

Ji Ae, Cha Ban’s mistress wants him to take everything away from Bok Hee as she hates her very much. Following her request, Cha Ban leases the house and creates trouble for Bok Hee. She approaches her father-in-law to coerce Cha Ban into not doing such kind of things and get him to his senses.

Bok Hee

Bok Hee later finds out that Cha Ban has also sold the truck along with the house. She gets very frustrated after knowing this. When she visits her stepmother to ask her if she could stay there for a while with her kids, her stepmother coldly denies.

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To provide shelter to her kids and herself, she finds out about the truck buyer and decides to run away.

My Wonderful Life Episode 6 Release Date and Streaming Details

My wonder Life episode 6 released on Monday, 6th July 2020. All new episodes are exclusively broadcasted on local channels before made available on other streaming platforms. Every week, 5 new episodes are released. So with the current pace, we think that the season will last till December 2020.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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