Narcos: Mexico Season 3: All Updates On Netflix Release And Plot

Well, it is official, Narcos: Mexico is going to make an official return for the third season of the series. Carlo Bernard will be reportedly taking over from Eric Newman as the showrunner. The finale of the second season of the series sets up Amado Carillo Fuentes as the de facto successor to the empire of Angel Felix Gallardo. We would also like to inform you that Wagner Moura, who played the role of Pablo Escobar, is going to direct two episodes.

As the announcement of the happening of the third season of the series has been made by the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, there are some questions that you may have in your mind. One of them is who is going to be the new kingpin of the series, given the events of the finale of the second season. Yes, we are talking about the arrest of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo.

Felix Gallardo and his Partner | Narcos: Mexico Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 | Grab All the details | Spoilers Follow

The first season of the drug cartel series tracked the trajectory of Felix from a Sinaloan ex-cop to the head of the largest drug-trafficking enterprise in Mexico. This various united cartels under one system. Since it is the hard and first rule, that what has come up must have to go down. The second season of the series follows the downfall of Gallardo as he loses power along with his friends and freedom.

However, if you are a fan of this series, then you may be aware of the fact that the series has always been about more than one charismatic leader. The show has shifted its focus since it started, beginning with the Medellin Cartel of Pablo Escobar moving on to the Cali Cartel and later on to Mexico.

As for the third season of the series, Amado Carillo Fuentes will only be becoming more significant.

Felix Gallardo’s Partner | Narcos: Mexico Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

The second season of the series was released on February 13 of this year, and it is going to be difficult to guess the release date for the third season keeping in mind the prior pattern, and also we are thankful to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Well, we do have some of the spoilers for the third season. Gallardo was arrested peacefully, and he is still in jail. In the year 1997, Fuentes died the day after getting plastic surgery in the hospital to drastically alter his appearance.

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