Nate McIntyre: What Queer Eye season 5 hero is doing now?? Read to know

Nate McIntyre had a dream to create a gym that would be for everyone, and that will give back to the community. So, he opened the Bodyrock Bootcamp gym.

However, becoming so involved in working and struggling to keep his business alive has lead him to ignore his health. Let’s have a look at where he is now!

Does ‘Queer Eye’ helped Nate to transform Bodyrock Bootcamp??

Yes, it’s true. Before the Fab Five plunged into his gym, he almost threw up the sponge. Nate’s Bodyrock Bootcamp was in a mess. They helped him to grow emotionally and to get over his insecurities. Nate was the former college football player, and 6’4 athlete.

He described his gym as “a ’90s-inspired hip-hop boot camp,”. The gym needed an upgrade. Nate’s ex-girlfriend and nominator, Kristin, said that it was cleaned almost three years ago and was in bad condition.

However, Nate is proud of what he has built with his efforts, and he wanted to take it to the next level.

What is Nate McIntyre doing now?

After Nate got the help for his gym-cum-apartment, everything seems to come back to its senses.

Indeed, Nate’s gym is growing vigorously as there is no clutter around the gym anymore, and it received a new look.

He has taken all the suggestions and help from ‘Queer Eye’ and giving his best to turn around the leaf. Also, he expressed his feelings on Instagram. Let’s have a look.

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Through Instagram, he keeps in touch with his followers and also gives fitness challenges to the people that can be done by staying at home.

He makes people aware of the fitness. Although, it is no doubt that ‘Queer Eye’ helped him to grow professionally, but now his continuous perseverance is showing his dedication towards his gym.

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