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Naya Rivera: Family Files Death Lawsuit Against Ventura County! Why?

You may be already aware of the heartbreaking news that was out on July 8, that Naya Rivera and her 8 years old son, whose name is Josey Hollis Dorsey, rented a pontoon boat at the lake. Hours later, only her son was found on the boat by the authorities, and the actress was then declared missing.

Due to the very dangerous rip currents and debris of the lake, her body was not discovered even until seven days later. It is very sad and heartbreaking as the actress was only 33 years old.

This article will be based on the lawsuit that has been filed by the family of Naya Rivera, as her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ventura County, claiming that the officials there failed to warn the swimmers about the coming dangers of Lake Piru.

Naya Rivera
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The lawsuit was filed on behalf of her son and estate on Tuesday, and it claims that the pontoon rented to Naya Rivera was not even equipped with a safely accessible ladder, an anchor, adequate rope, a radio, or any security mechanisms to prevent the swimmers from being separated from their respective boats.

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Naya Rivera: Family Files Death Lawsuit Against Ventura County! Why?

The lawsuit also said that the pontoon boat also lacked any rescue devices or floatation which is in direct violation of the law of California that requires the boat longer than 16 feet to be equipped with the floatation devices.

It said that the lake named Lake Piru lacked a single sign of warning for the swimmers of the very dangerous winds, waters, or low visibility.

The complaint also names the United Water Conservation District and Parks and Recreation Management of Ventura County as defendants and said that at least 26 people from small children to fit adults have drowned in the lake since it was opened for recreational facilities in the year 1959.

Naya Rivera
Image Source – Insider

However, you should also know that the Ventura County officials did not respond immediately to the request for comment by CBS News.

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The deputies said after her disappearance that Naya Rivera had experience navigating the lake but even the most experienced of the swimmers could succumb to the dangerous rip currents of the lake.

One of the divers that were there in her search mission, Max O’ Brien, said that there is a lot of shrubbery and sticks that they have to break through as they were going through, so it is a kind of Braille search.

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