Naya Rivera goes missing: 3 year-old son has been found on a boat alone.

What is the actual story behind this missing actress?

Lake Piry, California, The place where the actress Naya Rivera goes for a boat ride with Josey, her 4-year old son. The very popular and famous show Glee with the role in this show she got really famous, Santana Lopez. But the actress is missing after a boat journey with her son to Lake Piru.
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When and where all this took place?

On Wednesday when her son was found floating alone in the rented boat.  The authorities started the search for his mother by launching helicopters, dive teams, and drones for the actress.
The actress Rivera with her son rented the Pontoon boat at the lake around 1 p.m. According to the reports of the country sheriff, a toddle was found on a boat in Lake Piru somewhere around 4:48 p.m.
Rivera’s whereabouts are not known yet but the child found in the boat has been confirmed as the son of the actress, Rivera. Whereas, many reporters are saying that the mother and the son went swimming. But the son returned to the boat but the mother didn’t.
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When did the lastest update come out? 

The latest update on Thursday, 9th July around 6;00 p.m.
The rescue mission has been shifted from its aim to the recovery mission for the actress Naya Rivera. The actress is presumed dead within the eyes of the authorities the moment she got disappeared from the trip with her son who was 4 ‘ year old.
This was assumed in conference news held at the Ventura Country Sheriff’s Department around 3 p.m. At least for the five hours the search mission was held by the approximately 50 sheriff’s personnel, boat crew, along with a helicopter, unmanned aerial vehicles, divers on Wednesday evening. The search of the moment there was zero visibility in the water and dangerous conditions too for the divers.

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