Neko Jockey Shorts Season 2 To Premiere In November

Neko Jockey anime shorts’ second season starts airing on November 4. Every episode will premiere on Thursdays at 11:10 p.m.

Neko Jockey Shorts:

DLE Studios production’s Neko Jockey is an anime short series. Its first season aired from May 6, 2021, to May 27, 2021. The first and the second season both consist of 4 episodes. While the duration of each episode is 2 minutes and has an age rating of G which means it is suitable for all ages. The second season will premiere on November 4, 2021, on TVer, GyaO!, and DLE’s Youtube Channel. Mewhan will join the cast of Neko Jockey as a female horse owner in this sequel.

In this second season, there are two jockeys. One is highly skillful, but the other one is not; he keeps losing. Mannen Billy is at the center of the anime. Mannen is a horse with over 30 losses. This anime short also features a cute cat. This cat, however, does not have any skills. Masayuki Yuasa is the voice-over artist in the role of cat-jockey, Satoshi Asakawa is the voice behind the Trainer. However, as for the horse owner and the skilled jockey. Akio Ohtsuka is the voice of the horse owner, and Tomohiro Ōno is the voice behind the skilled jockey Umanori Umao. Firstly the Asahi TV will broadcast the anime and after the anime finishes, it will be distributed among TVer, GYAO !, and DLE’s Youtube Channel.

Neko Jockey
Neko Jockey Season 2
Image: Asahi TV

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Mewhan the voice of Neko Jockey, confirms that Mewhan is an introvert who likes cats and games. Mewhan also has similarities to a horse owner. Just like a horse owner, when Mewhan gets angry, tension takes over him. It seems like his luck ran out while recording the anime.

Nowadays, the popularity of anime is increasing, and so all companies are experimenting with anime, whether it’s Netflix, which started to release anime weekly, or Toei or Asahi TV.

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