‘Neopets’ childhood sensation is taking its shape in a Netflix series. what we know about it.

Neopets, a virtual pet game now, will have a Netflix cartoon show. The Canadian Broadcasting Company Blue Ant Media got the rights to make a Series.

About the game:

The game ‘Neopets’ from 1999 is going to have its own series

The game was released on November 15, 1999; Neopets remained consistently popular throughout history but had several developers like Independent, Viacom, and JumpStart Games, which develops now. It is a virtual pet game where user can have their own pets known as “Neopets” and trade things with a currency called “Neopoints“. And in-game money and “Neocash“, which can be purchased using real money.

What we should expect:

Well, the game’s story is based on small puzzles, collecting items, shopping, like things. But we can hope series will have a world full of cute little pets, ruled by fairies and terrorized by evils, where the series is to be targeted for the age group of 8 to 12 years olds.

With its cute characters what we should expect as in the story.

The Singapore based Beach House Pictures will work on storytelling and creating Neopets. In contrast, Canadian based Blue Ant media will work on artwork and animation.

As Neopets had impacted on many childhoods, the creators are trying to bring their childhood pets back, and give them a voice.

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